Neelakanta (Prakash Raj)has two daughters. His elder daughter Subbalakshmi (Poonam Bajwa) elopes with a guy called Babu from a lower class on the night of her arranged marriage. Neelakanta men kidnap all the friends of Babu. Krishna (Allu Arjun) – a happy go lucky guy from Hyderabad – is one among them. Krishna likes a girl called Meena (Sheila) who happens to be the younger daughter of Neelakanta

A group of friends are brought forcefully to a village, where they are asked to help find the daughter of the Village head, who believes these friends have helped in the eloping of his daughter with her love interest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Parugu torrent reviews

Danielle L (ru) wrote: C'est comme Sabrina rencontre Rocky. J'ai ador (C) les robes, les acteurs et la mise en scne.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: Pierce Brosnan in a Danish film. How about them apples! Anyway, this was a decent movie. A little sappy. A lot predictable. The plot was kind of nutty. Really nothing earth shattering here.

Jocey D (jp) wrote: Bland covert mission thriller which doesn't deliver much excitement. Main plot is murky and undefined. We have no stake in the assignment's success. Bad guys are not well identified. Main characters are intriguing but poorly developed. John Cusack is always a pleasure to watch.

Shaeda M (jp) wrote: Uninteresting story, slow, bad acting, average songs, boring, total waste of time.

Elgan D (kr) wrote: A straight to video crime drama whose intrigue is heavily undermined by a at times painfully bad central performance from Jesse Moss. The true life premise of the picture deserved better

Elgan D (au) wrote: More powerful filmmaking from Scandinavia, a multifaceted and thought provoking plot fulfilled by strong performances all round.

Dyron W (gb) wrote: It has moments of humor, but The Five Year Engagement is at best uneventful and drags hour run-time.

James N (kr) wrote: This was phenomenal performance in British I've seen. Andrew garfield is amazing the infamous boy A. The plot was good and it kept me chilling.

Cade H (ca) wrote: City of Ember tells the story of an underground city set in the far future and 2 kids who are trying to solve a map of how to escape the city. The world itself is not realistic and gritty like some films but rather childish and almost like a theme park. While the tone of the movie does have some tense moments it stays fairly light hearted and feeds to the adventure minded kid. It can be enjoyed by adults as well and the whole mystery aspect of it all keeps you watching and wanting to see the end result. The visuals in the film can get boring and when things do change you can tell it didn't have the largest budget. Some of the acting is bland but the 2 main actors played their parts well and really added to the excitement of what was happening on screen. If you have read the book definitely check it out and if you enjoy a fun, light hearted adventure this should be a good watch for you to.

Richard S (kr) wrote: I don't think this one gets enough love. Fun.

Paul D (us) wrote: Allthough it is a brand new movie it breathes the atmosphere of an early Kurosawa. Beautiful pictures show Japanese society before the wars and understanding this does take some effort but it worth it, I think.

Torion O (au) wrote: You know, I was quite terrified of the thought of having sequels involving just the puppies since this did really well. Even worse, having them remake this into a live action movie. Luckily, that wasn't the case. Right?

Tasos L (gb) wrote: and God created woman... a great sequel!!!

Robert I (au) wrote: Vintage Grindhouse. Throw realism out the door. A town besiege by rising anarchy reaches out to the Seven Samurai to protect them. Instead, they end up taking over the town. A rare film where the Vietnam vets are the villains... And it works. However, the film takes a few jumps too many and the music is so campy, it's kind of hard to sit through without openly mocking it. I wanted something a little more [email protected]$$.

Greg W (ca) wrote: everything works music,cast story its all good here

Emanuel K (nl) wrote: I don't know what the critics are talking about here. The plot is sufficiently coherent if you actually pay attention. I've always known this movie was underrated but 49%? Come on.

Eric J (gb) wrote: Its Not Really A Thriller At All But A Character Study Following Two Men And One Woman Through A Very Dull And Dark Passage Of An Almost Like Con Game That Turns Out To Be Nothing In The End And It Tries To Hard With Its Story In The Depth Of What This Romance Movie Is And Where It Will Go From One Stand Of Story To Another,This Isn't A Thriller At All But A Romance Movie With A Silly Hardness To It That Never Becomes Anything Or Inspires Greatness Through The Film, I Found The Film Empty And Out Of Place And Very Out Of Line Not Making Much Sense As Well. "Two Thumbs Down".

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Likeable comedy western with lee marvin and Jane Fonda.

Michael S (ag) wrote: The viewer is given a sonata of carefully woven vignettes orchestrated with some of Hollywood's household names.