Centered around the 2002 massacres in Gujarat, the film tells the story of a happy family that is torn apart by the loss of their son Parzan.

Every now and again comes a film that shakes you. A film that deeply affects you and the core purpose of the film goes beyond the realms of cinema as being just entertainment as the purpose... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Parzania torrent reviews

Joel C (jp) wrote: Not gonna watch this boring tripe

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/25/2012)

Jason H (mx) wrote: A so-so movie about a Chinese single mom trying to make it by getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes. Things go awry when she gets arrested for participating in a Ponzi scheme. Her two kids have to fend for themselves until her release. Amazing performances by the two kids. Tina is sooo adorable.

Well A (jp) wrote: Brutal como a nossa realidade, bem realizado em todos os nveis dramticos e tcnicos com toda a qualidade que o nosso cinema tem e que, infelizmente, poucos conhecem, pois baseiam-se apenas em Globo Filmes. O nico e talvez o principal problema do filme a questo da imparcialidade de julgamento que aqui, no existe e revela uma moral questionvel.

Ken C (br) wrote: Lust, Caution is an erotic espionage thriller film that is beautifully make. Ang Lee's movie always technical and try to tease his audience into emotional wreckage stage; offering his dark and intense story. This movie inherited Chinese lives through the Japanese invasion during WWII era that somehow hunt me to watch it second time.

Kate M (us) wrote: Good Music and funny

Brendan N (us) wrote: Considering the first was no classic this film really has no direction or characters of interest. The plot isn't anything special but it does provide genre fans the necessary gore to keep satisfaction high. Jason Scott lee is an interesting choice for the hero and succeeds while the film around fails. The rest of the cast are hammy and definitely not worthy. The budget script doesn't allow any worthy storytelling. Lussier is less comfortable with the low budget compared to the first film. He's lack of direction is actually quite boring and nothing to write home about. I liked where the first film worked but even that struggled from poor storytelling. The screenplay isn't worthy of the screen time. The characters are one dimensional and have no direction. The ending works only as a lead into another sequel which you'll watch just to see an ending which this does not have. The first film had some redeeming qualities but I'm hard pressed to find much of anything here.

Orlok N (au) wrote: a fresh piece of cinema!!

Drew K (au) wrote: I live in the weak and the wounded.

Landon V (jp) wrote: Even if you hate it you at least got a chuckle Adam Sandler's best and worst times this film brought plenty of laughs and gained some popularity for Sandler in his 90s (as well as SNL) with its cast Julie Bowen who now is in Modern Family are in this with its quite funny slapstick humor and realistic humor is the perfect type of humor funny,charming with the relation between sandler and bowen This film has the humor,charm,athletic skills,anger issues,golf,hockey and the price is wrong 4 stars 85%

Lee C (jp) wrote: The plot and dialogue need work, but if this was remade it would not work, it works thanks to the brilliant cast and the excellent performances of Miller and Jolie, such chemistry is all too rare in the larger Hollywood efforts. That being said, having just re-watched it, I feel it gets better with age. It is one of those movies where the fact that it seems old really plays as a strength, it depicts a time where the internet was in it's infancy and smart phones were a distant dream, and as this movie ages it reflects the fact it's from an almost pre-digital age, truly is remarkable. Give it another try and see what I mean.

Grant T (nl) wrote: Tim Burton's second batman film can't quite beat the original, but t sure does a good job at benign entertaining throughout the entire film and still ranks as one of my favorite batman movies!

Dustin R (mx) wrote: Jungle adventure awesomeness. Michael Sopkiw kills a bunch of native cannibals and all sorts of business.

Eric B (ru) wrote: Louis Malle's first feature is more conservative than the typical French New Wave classic, but it's an impressive, polished debut. The glaring problem is that the first half is far more interesting than the second. We're introduced to Jeanne (Jeanne Moreau, back when she could still pass for "girlish"), a bored, neglected wife married to a wealthy newspaper publisher. She escapes her joyless life with steady trips to Paris, where she sees her socialite friend Maggy and a polo-playing paramour. The subtle tensions between these characters are engrossing, but the film sinks once Jeanne meets another man and the story turns into a gooey, dreamy-eyed romance based on no obvious chemistry or motive. "The Lovers" was quite controversial in its day, due to a late sex scene where Moreau's expression of ecstasy suggests some intimate stimulation below. Oh, and there are a few flashes of nipple too. But it's all very tame by contemporary standards.

Sarah Y (fr) wrote: If you have seen any stage or film version of A Midsummer Night Dream, then you have the nuts and bolts of this film. I would recommend this film to all the elitist snobs out there that think Ingmar Bergman's films are all about death, the silence of God, and bad mothers. I wish that more of Bergman's cannon of work had this kind of heart and warmth. There is a level of depth that laughter can begin to serious topics too, which this film explores, further strengthening my previous mention of Shakespeare's comedy.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: One of my favourite Abbott and Costello films. The jokes are fast and furious and the story is a blast. If you like A & C you have to see this one.