Pas în doi

Pas în doi

Two friends, closer than brothers, working together, staying in the same room, playing together.

Drama directed by Dan Pita. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (br) wrote: Trying to by dirty and funny like a apatow movie but it only pulls it off half the time. The other half is way over the top and unnecessary. I can tell if newish actor Gavin McInnes should star in movies. roger doger is a better verson of this movie but it has enough laughs to sustain itself.

Joo P (de) wrote: Great acting Ryan Reynolds!

Dennis S (it) wrote: Blue Collar comedy at it's lowest- and you thought it couldn't do it!

Robert M (jp) wrote: I doubt this wasn't a strong christian group making and producing this film, but I first watched it around my middle school years at a christian camp and I thought the movie was quite excellent and fun. I would consider it a fun and engaging film especially for christians and a big laugh-out-loud riot to both christians as well as non-christians. Carrel puts on a pretty good performance in this slapstick of a film and he or the film doesn't fail to entertain throughout the entire movie. I would consider this just about as good as Bruce Almighty, if not better. The entire ark set is quite phenomenal and so are much of the smartly trained animals. Even though the story might seem to run along rather quickly at some instances, I can't quite be sure why this film doesn't have that high of ratings (I'm talking to you, Rotten Tomatoes!). Just about any type of average Joe can basically get along nicely watching this film, especially if you know enough of the story of Noah's Ark. This was well made look-wise and nicely produced/directed as a whole.

Fernando G (ag) wrote: Good movie I like it

Simon G (ca) wrote: Certainly not Woody Allen's finest work but not as bad as everyone says it is either.

Andy B (es) wrote: The haunting mood Director Todd Field creates, suitably compliments this realistic dealing with loss and grief. Spacek's performance is outstanding, and Wilkinson and Tomei also embellish their moments. Bedroom's downfall comes however, when it risks throwing it all away in resorting to a somewhat cliche culmination that blurs the lines between commercial and solid character driven storytelling.

Dj R (it) wrote: Adam's time wasnt until mid 90s+...

Muffin M (it) wrote: I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:* Death Wish (1974)* Death Wish II (1981)* Death Wish III (1985)* Death Wish V: The Face Of Death (1993)and i also own it on Blu-Ray.

Aaron F (ca) wrote: As a lengthy 3:45 film, Lawrence of Arabia provides the viewers a battle of attrition on and off screen.

Tasha C (nl) wrote: I love movies like this, so I have to say it was a good one.

Emma B (us) wrote: I thank god every day that real life inspired the book, which inspired this film, which inspired the fantastic TV series.

Tristan F (br) wrote: Very well made, but it lacked substance

Paavo L (gb) wrote: onkohan tassa muka aikuistumassa tai jotain kun nykyaan joutuu aina pudottelemaan tahti maaria naista toimintaleffoista jotka oli kovia yli kymmenen vuotta sitten.