Pas son genre

Pas son genre

Clément, a young philosophy teacher from Paris is sent to Arras for a year. He meets Jennifer, a pretty hair-stylist, who becomes his lover. They're free in their hearts and bodies and ...

Clément, a young philosophy teacher from Paris is sent to Arras for a year. He meets Jennifer, a pretty hair-stylist, who becomes his lover. They're free in their hearts and bodies and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Howard R (au) wrote: Yes, a couple of slow places. The pig/barn scene had me on the floor. Fairly good plot twists- would watch this again.

Tyler S (jp) wrote: Hoop Dreams is a long but super intriguing documentary about two boys from the inner city, and their lives through basketball and other tough life avenues. It is fascinating and really interesting to see what both boys go through. How each of them are different but somewhat connected.At each turn you are interested to see what happens with the boys next, and you find yourself rooting hard for them. That's hard to do with a 3 hour documentary but it is accomplished nicely.I asked myself why I cared about these boys so much...maybe it was due to the fact they were great kids from bad areas. You desperately wanted them to make it and to be with them for their journey was very awesome.

Allan C (kr) wrote: "Let the cartoooooooooooon begin!" Sorry, but for my generation William Marshall is best remembered as The King of Cartoons from Pee Wee's Playhouse, but little did I realize that he was originally the super cool vampire Prince Mamuwalde AKA Blacula! Marshall returns in this sequel that's surprisingly good. Having been vanquished at the end of the first film, Blacula is resurrected by a drug dealer who wants to use Blacula to exact his revenge. Blacula instead turns the dealer into part of a vampire army he commands for his own ends, part of which is securing Pam Grier, who hadn't broke out yet with "Coffy" which was released this same year. The vampires are creepy, the voodoo themed storyline is entertaining, and the film features a strong leads in Marshall and Grier. Overall, this is pretty silly blaxploitation film, but it's also quite entertaining in a camp sort of way. And look fast for Craig T. Nelson as a police sergeant.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 89%Watched this on 14/3/15Three Kings is David O Russell at his best. The film evenly balances drama, action and comedy, a rare feat. It's got enough style and blends action so well that it's easily the best Gulf War movie. It also doesn't try to overcrowd the movie with patriotism, even questioning the reasons for which America is even there in the war. It has got interesting characters and it's a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Kurt F (it) wrote: 5/1/15 This film is completely predictable and formulaic. I felt like it was done as a high school film project. The story is the same old coming of age formula, only that it is based on Indian culture. It just made me mad that her parents and other Indians thought it was shameful that she wanted to play soccer. It is completely ridiculous that this still exists in the world today, and yet the point was that I was supposed to feel sorry for her. The film wanted the audience to then feel great for her that she "overcame". Instead, I was just annoyed by the sexism of the Indians in the film. Don't watch this. It provide nothing new that you can't see in a better film.

Samuel M (gb) wrote: Todo un clsico del terror por un clsico director del gnero. Como suele habitual, la primera de la saga es la ms "seria" o la que se toma ms en serio a s misma y quizs por eso aun a da de hoy puede darte cierto mal rollo sino te gustan los muecos.Eso s, Brad Douriff est graciossimo encarnando a Chucky/Charles Lee Ray, con su reconocido histrionismo.Algo que sorprende lo bien que se mantienen a da de hoy los efectos. S, se ve la trampa y el cartn por todos lados, pero aun as son de estos que puedes ignorar para disfrutar de una pelcula muy divertida.