Sergeant Michael Dunne fights in the 10th Battalion, AKA The "Fighting Tenth" with the 1st Canadian Division and participated in all major Canadian battles of the war, and set the record for highest number of individual bravery awards for a single battle

Set in the climactic scene of World War I, the film tells the story of Sgt. Michael Dunne, a soldier who was seriously injured in the French battlefield and was taken to Calgary in a state of serious injury: both body and soul. Then he met a nurse and fall in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack G (fr) wrote: Beavis & Butt-head by Jim Jarmusch

Carlos I (gb) wrote: I really appreciate what they were going for here and I love the concept, but the end result just comes across way to ingenuine and try-hard. The constant references and line drops were getting cringeworthy. Was hard to get through.

Jordan S (ag) wrote: The duo should have stuck with Peep Show instead of selling out to this nothing but mediocre and annoying film.

Adam R (de) wrote: It oddly reminded me of the annoying Van Wilder, but with more indie vibes. It's another mediocre teen movie that I wasn't crazy about. It's watchable though. (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Jonah H (mx) wrote: Everyone deserve a second chance!

Jeremy D (it) wrote: An awkward Vietnam film that aged very poorly.

Stuart K (us) wrote: This is a remake of Norman Jewison's 1975 sports/sci-fi dystopia, here directed by John McTiernan (Predator (1987), Die Hard (1988) and Last Action Hero (1993)). It seemed like a good idea on paper, but on film, it's an absolute mess. God knows how, but this manages to look even more dated than the 1975 original. Everyone went in with so much good faith, but it was delayed by a year and it sank without trace, not surprising really. It is the year 2005, and rising hockey player Jonathan Cross (Chris Klein) is approached by Marcus Ridley (LL Cool J) to compete in the highly competitive sport of Rollerball, which is popular in Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East. Cross is playing for the Zhambel Horsemen in Kazakhstan, and Jonathan is groomed by promoter Alexi Petrovich (Jean Reno), who gives him riches and fame. But, Jonathan, Marcus and fellow team member Aurora (Rebecca Romijn) discover skulduggery regarding Alexi's business strategies, with staged "accidents" occuring during the game, just to get the viewing figures up, Jonathan wants to put a stop to all this. It could have been a good film, but McTiernan failed with a cast who are stilted and a script that's as cliched and cheesy as they come. It's all over the place, with fast action that's impossible to keep up with and this is ADD cinema, and it shouldn't have come to all this.

Paul S (ag) wrote: Not only my favorite Bergman film, my favorite film period. It is one of the rare examples of film making perfection. Not a single frame is wasted or unnecessary. The story is as stark and barren as the landscape itself. A tremendous film with a magnificent cast. Ingrid Thulin, in particular, is brilliant in her role as the school teacher/mistress of the country preacher, portrayed by Bjornstrand.

Adam Y (it) wrote: There have been, regrettably, few good films about the legislative process. This is one of them.What makes Capra's film timeless is that the plot could play well today. Contemporary audiences will be amazed at how this film is still relevant, with muckraking journalism,. political payola, lobbyists and big money machines all vying for the life blood of our democracy.What breaks these entrenched interests is Jefferson Smith, an emergency appointment to the Senate. Basement dweller, momma's boy, and youth camp counselor, Smith has just enough naivet--and just enough idealism--to stand by his principles in the face of great pressure. He wants to build a youth camp. Unfortunately, his campground site is on a place earmarked for a dam, placing him in direct opposition to the party bosses and his co-senator, Joseph Paine (Claude Rains).His love of country, and his love for his office secretary Ms. Saunders (Jean Arthur), give him the courage to persevere.What is interesting, from a political philosophical perspective, is how this film can be viewed as a leftist or far-rightist film, depending on your perspective. Smith's crusade to speak truth to power is symbolic of the people's revolution in the purest sense. And, yet, one cannot deny the fascistic overtones of one man's quest to channel the founding fathers' vision to take the youth into the wilderness and away from the corrupt city life, against the journalists and statesmen of education and prudence.It gets four starts only because the ending, to me, is too much of a deus ex machina to be believed. But it is a good film, with good imagery and a smart film, one which will respect the discerning eye.

Danielle C (ca) wrote: It was gud, but thought it wud b more up lifting. Funny in places & touching in others, more of a women's film !!

William B (ru) wrote: i grew up watching this film over and over again when I was little so it's hard to not like the film even thought it has it's fair share of problems.

Jeremiah Z (de) wrote: Fritz Lang integre brillamment une enquete hollywoodienne sur fond de nazisme

S P (fr) wrote: if you like movies about the "every-man" or "every-woman" as opposed to spies, superheroes and explosion-o-rama's I think you will love this film. Wiig and Hader show what great actors they are and how watchable the are in scenes where not all that much is going on. Reminded me a bit of "You Can Count on Me." Both great films in my opinion.

frederator d (es) wrote: It seems like the perfect 80s movie, an alien main character, a goofy plot and slapstick humor! But other than that its a flop and a massive misfire from marvel comics after watching what they've made in the 21st century!