Passionada is a romantic comedy about a Portuguese widow whose husband, a fisherman, died at sea. The widow's naive teenage daughter wants to be a professional gambler and she convinces her...

Passionada is a romantic comedy about a Portuguese widow whose husband, a fisherman, died at sea. The widow's naive teenage daughter wants to be a professional gambler and she convinces her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robby G (it) wrote: I heard good things about this movie so I was maybe expecting too much for a Zombie B movie, but it really disappointed. The concept of it was good, Civil War era overran with the walking dead, but it failed in almost every category. The only good thing about it was the zombies looked half way decent as far as the makeup and movements, but they were the best actors in the film in my opinion. The terrible excuse for an antagonist was also one of the many weak points of the film, as well as the main characters. If you really enjoy B zombie movies you might get some enjoyment out the film, but I doubt it.

Joy B (ru) wrote: Three Blinds Saints is an enjoyable and entertaining movie that the whole family can watch. It is a light hearted look at the reality of church people.

Jacob P (es) wrote: Still, had nothing to do with the first installement. But it was a minor sequel to the second installment. I liked this film. It had outstanding blood\gore, and in my personal opinion, one of the scariest scenes\antagonist i've seen in a long time. I'm actually becoming a big fan of the Boogeyman series, but I honestly think that they shoul've never made the first one. The first boggeyman i didn't really care for. It was a big rip off of "Darkness Falls," and had nothing to do with the last two sequels. Well actually, the last two sequels had nothing to do with the first one. But I still like them, and am honestly hoping for another sequel.

Kata Rina D (ag) wrote: This had some really great moments. It reminds you of those movies, such a "lock, stock and..." where a clumsy guy has to do a "job", except that it's not trying to be cool (movie that is), and instead goes for funny. Thank god for that, I just can't stand those "cool" movies with slow motion and witty thugs. Unfortunately, it was stuffed with bunch of pointless things, like comedy of awkward situations, (each more predictable then the last one), stupid, stupid love story with a girl that couldn't possibly be any more flat and boring, which has a very fine roommate, who apart from making lead lady seem even more bleak, hardly has any purpose in the movie. And oh, some disturbingly bad acting. So, this was a combination of predictable and very unpredictable moments. Although you will be annoyed, there still are some good reasons to see it.

Darren C (ag) wrote: Jeez the French speak fast, get your head around either the fast French subtitles or the horribly dubbed English version and you end up with a highly enjoyable free running, martial arts fest just don't read too much into the story or you'll ruin it.

lisa l (nl) wrote: excellant!! forgot about this one!!

bill s (mx) wrote: Slick,gritty gangster movie with a great performance from Snipes leading the way.

Sajin P (de) wrote: The film tells the remarkable true story of a Jewish boy, Solly, who survived the holocaust posing as a pure bred nazi. Living with a circumcised thing inside his pants, among a bunch of antisemitic nazis does'nt exactly turn out to be that easy for Solly. The film takes us through the agony of Solly for having to give up his tradition and beliefs, and through the fear he has to live with of being caught in his lie.

Peter B (de) wrote: Stop 9 a 1/2 hodiny pri podobnom dokumente nehr rolu. Prbehy ud ?o preili koncentra?n tbor jednoducho musia kadmu vyrazi dych a to aj bez pouitia jedinho dobovho zberu. Memento na ktor sa nesmie nikdy zabudn, dal by som to povinne pa na kolch. Kto to videl tak nikdy na to nezabudne...

Michael W (nl) wrote: Typical WIP film with innocent sent to prison while crusading Doctor attempts to prove her wronged. A good reminder to avoid prison stay in South America. Despite missing the obligatory shower scene, fans of the genre should be satisfied.

Cronis M (fr) wrote: For the fans, 5-out-of-5 stars, this thinly-disguised submarine-captain film touches on being god-like and its consequences.

Michael T (br) wrote: Long-winded and, at times, confusing.

Luke H (it) wrote: A wife whos annoyed at her husband for working too much starts up her own rival cab firm!

Chris B (jp) wrote: Night and Fog is one of the greatest documentaries of all time and for a reason. Not only is it a honest and horrifying realistic look into the terrors of the Nazi concentration camps and their madness, but also one that doesn't sugarcoat anything. What we see is real and that makes it the most terrifying and heart wrenching, by the time the short was hitting it's stride around the halfway mark, I was in tears and just angry and feeling hopeless. The images and video depicted is truly as horrific as it is mesmerizing, I found myself pulled into it while at the same time repulsed and sick to my stomach. The Nazi's all denied responsibility in their inhuman crimes and monstrous deeds performed against the over 9,000,000 Jews that died at their hands. It really is hard to feel any pity, when these people were responsible for such cruelty and evil they inflicted on innocent people. Not only does Night and Fog capture this but it causes deep seeded emotion to come out and gives justice to the horrors of those that endured them. Not for the faint of heart, but one that I think everyone should watch and endure at least once.

Bernard T (nl) wrote: Haven't even finished it.

Kris V (de) wrote: Interesting since it's based on a true story of drug trafficking Hasidic Jews, this film has some great scenes and acting, but ultimately suffers from bad pacing and a somewhat dubious ending.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Making a sequel to a sports movie is hard. Finding a way to continue the story of the lead character(s) in a way that doesn't feel like it retreads the original too closely or has a predictable outcome is so important in keeping the film fresh for viewers. Making a sequel to perhaps the greatest sports movie ever should have been impossible. Rocky II, however, manages to stand alongside its predecessor well enough, even if it does sometimes fall into those aforementioned pitfalls of any sports sequel. What truly keeps this film afloat is the returning presence of Sylvester Stallone. Once again, Stallone shows his clear passion for this character he's written. Whether he's in the ring giving it all he's got physically or in a quieter character moment alongside Talia Shire or Burgess Meredith, Stallone completely embodies Balboa's sense of navet about the harsh realities of life, especially those that come with his newfound fame and the increasing tensions from an opponent who is far from satisfied with his last-minute decision win. Stallone also inherits the director's chair from John G. Avildsen, but completely matches the same tone of the original that's needed for a nice underdog tale like this. There's no fancy camerawork, outside of another training montage set to Bill Conti's endlessly catchy "Gotta Fly Now," but this isn't a movie that needs a flashy sense of style. It's a movie about character, and in that regard, Stallone's trifecta of directing, writing, and acting makes this a worthy successor to the Best Picture winning film. This film itself deserves its own victory cry like the ever-famous one that concludes this tale: they did it.

OH O (ca) wrote: Terrible sequel. What a hugh let down after it's brilliant predecessors.3/10 - Garbage