Pastor Jones

Pastor Jones

When a young couple find themselves on the brink of a divorce, pastor Jones is there to lend a helping hand. The wife turns to him for a place to stay, a job, and a sense of belonging as ...

When a young couple find themselves on the brink of a divorce, pastor Jones is there to lend a helping hand. The wife turns to him for a place to stay, a job, and a sense of belonging as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett M (kr) wrote: Love this entire series!!!

Dr F P (mx) wrote: I haven't watched this since seeing it when it was released so i apologize if my review is quite scarce and perhaps more vague than usual. Employee of the Month is pretty much the average romantic comedy type deal, you've seen it all before but i think specifically for me the appeal of it being set in a super store is quite interesting, for some reason i just like fun stories about how people make work places more human friendly, if you will. Anyway, i'll cut the crap. I didn't particularly like any of the characters here and the humor just never grabs me either, no surprise there. I could see this being a lot better if the characters were more interesting, maybe people with a little less screen shine, the soundtrack could also be a lot better and i guess just the WHOLE thing could be better. I don't know, maybe i'm looking for a grocery themed Empire Records.

amelia c (br) wrote: this film is so good with the Triwizard ternament all the great actors they put into this film wow!!

Ben B (gb) wrote: Shattered Glass, directed by Billy Ray, is based on the true story of Stephen Glass (played by Hayden Christensen), a writer for a journal who is finally caught falsifying information in his publications by a competitor and his own people.Now, I know what you're thinking. "Hayden Christensen? That HORRIBLE actor from the Star Wars prequels? No way I'll watch this garbage!" Hold on there, folks. I'm about to state the impossible: HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN IS GOOD IN THIS MOVIE. Strange, yes, but true. His honest portrayal of Glass is refreshing and heart-breaking. Peter Sarsgaard also delivers a strong performance as the editor of the journal Glass writes for. At first, it's easy to dislike Sarsgaard's character, but, as more information is discovered regarding Glass, he quickly becomes the "hero" of the story. The tension and discomfort between certain characters in this movie feels genuine; it was very well-edited and scored as well.Personally, when it comes to a true story, I like to see more of the people outside their jobs. It just makes them easier to understand. Some characters came off as very one-dimensional and didn't add much to the film. It's a picky thing, I know, but it's worth mentioning.Overall, if you enjoyed Spotlight or any other movie about writers and breaking big stories, you'll enjoy Shattered Glass. This diamond in the rough is worth digging up.Final grade: B-Ben

william m (it) wrote: Probably Billy Bob Thorton's most iconic performance, in a slowly simplistic yet well formulated film.

Michael R (es) wrote: Drab but, necassary.

Kyle E (es) wrote: One of my most favorite horror films of all time. A three year soap opera storyline that was condensed down into a 90 minute film, House of Dark Shadows really impressed me. One of the most perfect Vampire films this side of Dracula, Barnabas Collins was an amazing villain, and Jonathan Frid played him with a fierce style that can never be replicated. I particularly enjoy the bloody ending of the film, which I'm sure pushed boundaries in the 1970's; why it's unrated today. Light years ahead of some of the bad acting of the vampire soap opera that I grew up watching repeats of as a kid, it translates well onto film and most of the shows actors do a good job replicating their performances, if not improving them. I'll also warn you, it's very hard to find as it's out of print and only available on vhs. Avoid the sequel.

nick t (es) wrote: A young girl enamoured by horses ends up riding in the Grand National steeplechase after meeting a drifter ex-jockey. Charming with hilarious dialogue, amazing sets and horse-race cinematography, and so refreshing to see such a coherent storyline from a 1944 film. Elizabeth Taylor is precociously superb, despite the underlying cultural earnestness, while Mickey Rooney overacts a little. It is hilarious to see a very young Angela Lansbury.

Ashley w (ru) wrote: old, new one is better

Irvin K (gb) wrote: This movie bored me to death. Nothing happens in this flick. NOTHING!!!

Matt R (ca) wrote: A fun, if unoriginal, monster comedy.

Jacob G (de) wrote: What the...... hell?

Marley L (ca) wrote: Will Farrell really becomes this asshole comedic character that he knows so well. All-in-all it was funny I laughed pretty hard.

Susan A (gb) wrote: This movie was so much better than the reviews led you to believe. My husband and I really enjoyed watching this together.