Pastoral Symphony

Pastoral Symphony

A minister falls in love with a blind young woman he sheltered, but so does his son.

A minister falls in love with a blind young woman he sheltered, but so does his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damon R (it) wrote: This is why I love superheroes... and super-villains. They're super-cool.

John A (fr) wrote: There's a good movie here somewhere, but this wasn't it. Afraid of an unhappy ending, much of the movie is wasted on building up to some genuinely funny material in the last 25 minutes.

Ja U (nl) wrote: Netradicni (uveritelna!) romance bez patosu a citoveho vydirani. Tleskam!

Michael P (ag) wrote: Really good movie, worth a watch.

Barry K (gb) wrote: Well done and haunting.

Katie B (ru) wrote: No, Tim Allen. Sometimes I feel he should give up and try smaller roles. Martin Short was funny- great talent.

Slavisa M (mx) wrote: Postcards from the Edge is a rather fun comedy. With the excellent Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, it is definitely a feel-good type of comedy. There is nothing overtly special about this film - it is a rather simple success--utter failure--pick yourself up--and success again, type of story. However, the acting, especially by the two female leads (Streep and MacLaine), is just great, and they definitely are believable as celebrity mother and daughter. The storyline, as mentioned, is rather simple, but is underpinned by a deeper story of a cycle of vice that a family can go through and how it can lead to the deterioration of relations within the family, and possibly even lead to fatalities. Overall, this is a rather good film and definitely worth watching, but do not expect to be blown out of your shoes.

Tyler S (br) wrote: Movie was decent but I found Quaids performance to be overacting in a way. Yes Jerry Lee Lewis was a wild sick individual but in a way I could tell he was acting.I did like the movie in that I learned more about his life but overall it was just ordinary and average.

Rafael B (mx) wrote: SO BAD, ITS GOOD & FUNNY AS HELL!!

Eric B (ru) wrote: Hadn't see this movie till yesterday! This was pretty slick and futuristic for the 80s! Loved it and happy i got to see it on the big screen! Can't wait to see 2049!

Jaime R (kr) wrote: This is a Western not to be missed at all.

Perk C (mx) wrote: Great story line. Emotional and funny.

Dan C (it) wrote: Fun and silly. Reminded me in tone to gremlins, but I doubt it will ever make the rank of cult classic. I just now read the critics consensus that this is very "Joe Dante B-Movie" in style. I expected Bruce Campbell to jump out with a chainsaw any minute.