Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

An aging Pat Garrett is hired as a lawman on behalf of a group of wealthy New Mexico cattle barons--his sole purpose being to bring down his old friend Billy the Kid.

Sheriff Pat Garrett is ordered by Governor Wallace to go after the outlaw Billy the Kid because the cattle businessmen want him caught. But the thing is, Billy the Kid is also the old friend of Pat Garrett. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darryl K (gb) wrote: An amazing journey showing the limits of the human psyche and body.

ShawnRay M (es) wrote: I won't lie. I was forced to watch this in a class I don't really care for, so that might have tainted my thoughts a bit. Aside from that, it's a documentary filled with funny anecdotes from actors, comedians, and other "celebrities" about getting fired. That's it.

Cille I (it) wrote: Yeah everybody has to start some place I suppose... Some good moments in this mumble core film, but most of all it feels like a student's project from a director who does not (yet) know how to make his characters come alive.

Johana N (au) wrote: Es dificil lograr una buena peli de demonds, porq mas q miedo es suspenso, lograr una buena trama, y esta no es satisfactoria la verdad, pero me parece chvere la historia, q estemos a un ro del infierno, q hayan guardianes y fantasmas de nios, esos son los q me dan mas miedo...

jay n (ru) wrote: Lucas Black is a good actor and this starts well but loses it way towards the finish and ends up being a muddled mess.

Jonny B (nl) wrote: This movie owes shit, jack-shit, to Tarantino. Just because Tarantino can hire better DP's and actors critics love to trash Avary. Clearly Mr. Avary is not a level-headed person (who doesn't miss the jailhouse tweets?) as was seen when he adapted a book with no plot, characters, theme, message, or anything that might classify pages of writing as a complete novel ('The Rules of Attraction") let alone something to adapt but kooky Avary found a way to adapt it so all I am saying is to leave any sanity at the door. If you enjoy dirty looking films that somehow make Paris look not that beautiful and if you enjoy movies about junkies with their oh-so-wonderful schemes they plot out and actually commit while high when, of course, shit hits the fan and everyone is too fucked up to properly handle a thing, 'KIlling Zoe' is the fun and crazy, like the characters but more to the point, like the director, movie for you.

Joey F (ca) wrote: the fat boys' cinematic masterpiece

Jim H (de) wrote: A beautiful actress with a rebellious streak is plagued by perceived mental illness.Jessica Lange, who received a well-deserved Oscar nomination for this role, delivers a gut-wrenching performance in the title role. Her free-spirited portrayal of healthy Frances is tempered by the film's plot, which puts her through the barbarity that we once called medicine in mental health. Sam Shepard is also quite strong as one of Frances's few supporting friends.It may be that the film can't fashion a believable narrative out of the facts, but the idea that Frances would go back to her mother after many of the events the film depicts defies all we know about the character, and her meager excuse that "She's still my mother" in the words of Rocky the Flying Squirrel "Just doesn't wash." Overall, regardless of its plot-related flaws, you should see this film if only for Lange who plumbs emotional depths to produce a tragically wounded character.

Josiah S (de) wrote: This was a decently done movie. The plot was very interesting in the way it portrayed the story of the two men as well as the mission of a team of men. There were some definite flukes in the movie, such as Germans carrying Thompson's but altogether an enjoyable WWII movie.

Karen W (kr) wrote: Appropriately surreal film given the direction of Salvador Dali. Don't read the summary on Flixster, it gives one of the most unexpected scenes away

Michael R (au) wrote: A worthy and faithful adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's controversial novel. Superb acting and direction make for a superior horror film that wonderfully incorporates the satirical riff on 80's "me" culture that made the novel so special.

Arnon R (jp) wrote: Good movie. Kinda hard to follow it at first,

Wes S (br) wrote: Still a lousy sequel, but it's a bit more watchable than the previous sequels. The characters, while terrible, are at least somewhat interesting. The kids aren't creepy in this one, and some scenes they don't even try. I didn't think Children of the Corn had potential for sequels, but I guess someone did.

Sandy K (it) wrote: When director Mike Nichols recently died, I noticed this title in his filmography. Since it has a stellar cast and I so enjoyed many of Nichols' other films (e.g., The Graduate, The Birdcage), I made the mistake of watching this one. Ick! The screenwriter must be a bitter cynic, because the entire film revolves around truly twisted notions of love and attraction, and all four main characters are pretty heartless and self-centered. I'm going to need a heavy dose of romantic comedies to put this one completely out of my mind.

Jerome W (mx) wrote: I worked my way back here finally. I've seen a mess of stuff in the last few months. Highlights include one of the British "Carry On" comedy series, "Carry On Dick", "Zoot Suit" the Latino musical which turned out to be killer stuff, "Juggernaut", a forgotten offshoot from the Disaster Movie era about bombs on an ocean liner that was excellent, the tricky Hitchcock thriller, "Rope" and last night a big pleasant surprise, "God's Little Acre".All I knew about this movie was that it was one of those old "crazy hillbilly" stories but this one was first class all the way. Anthony Mann was the director, Elmer Bernstein did the score (and foreshadowed both his "Hallelujah Trail" and "Walk On The Wild Side" work) and Robert Ryan acted his ass off as the patriarch of the family. The supporting cast was a who's who of future TV stars, Tina Louise, Jack Lord, Vic Morrow, Buddy Hackett and Michael Landon as an albino (!). Even Aldo Ray showed up and gave a good performance.

Caesar B (es) wrote: Nowhere near modern classic, a bit like Attack the Block, but way better. It's actually scary at times and quite entertaining throughout. Richard Coyle surprised me, I've seen him before a couple of times, but only in clownish roles, I had no idea he could act for real. Overall the acting was good and the special effects were very convincing. Wilhelm scream @ 0.02

David G (fr) wrote: Although this owes a considerable amount to Mad Max - nomadic warrior hero (complete with canine companion), desert wasteland, settlement under siege for its valuable resources, leather-clad villains - it would be unfair to class it as a full on rip off. Sure it's superficially identical but it has an altogether different, more subtle vibe with zen handstands, swordfights and melodrama replacing the outrageous camp factor and breakneck vehicular carnage. This does make it a lot less fun and unbearably dull at times but it has its moments. Patrick Swayze is in typical zen warrior mode, which is always a good thing, and I particularly liked Christopher Neame's eloquent hair metal assassin Sho. Also along for the ride is the one and only Brion James (who appears to be playing a descendant of Hulk Hogan), Mrs. Swayze herself - Lisa Niemi, Anthony Zerbe as the evil mastermind and even a young Arnold Vosloo whom you may just make out as a random goon. Unfortunately there's also Brett Hool as the inevitable Child In Peril who looks and sounds waaaaay too much like Jake Lloyd's Anakin Skywalker for my - or anyone's - liking!

Maria Z (nl) wrote: This one??? Nominated for Best Picture???? No way...................

Roarke M (nl) wrote: A truly terrifying and disturbing film but I feel it lacks a good story and the violence outshines the justice and the charm. When the suspense started I was on the edge of the seat but as it was winding down I just felt depressed. Especially since there is a basis in reality. I am doing you a favor by suggesting skipping it, believe me.

Matthew B (au) wrote: Not great, but delivers a few jolts and plays on the New York of yesteryear when I'm told it was a total craphole. Pure horror fans will dig this bit and that.