A wealthy male decides to wed a woman who is in love with his employee's son.

A wealthy male decides to wed a woman who is in love with his employee's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan B (ru) wrote: This movie flowed very nicely and their mission was a good one. I approve of a sequel for sure. But maybe the female lead pays the camera some more sexy time. Longoria is gorgeous, but she has to work on her sex appeal in regards to body language and tone of voice...that "all business" thing she does is weak and since she doesn't want to show more of her assets maybe britney would be s good sexy for for this movie.....both eva and britney share an acting range limited to characters that are similar to how they act in real life, and that's why Britney would have been a better fit.... The only other woman in the movie was the Latina nurse, so there wasn't any hot southern belles in the movie which is just wrong. The female gang akin to the bad hookers from the movie Sin City, they were hot for sure, but ya need a southern belle waiting back in Alabama for the good ol boys, perhaps giving the roll tide qb's model gf her first film (big screen at least jk)Well done gentlemen.

Lenny R (mx) wrote: The last one was the best one since the first one, but this one is by far the worst one.

Aysha R (au) wrote: Silly slapstick and utterly mindless-but fun! Snoop Dog at the end is probably better than the whole film!!!

Paco L (kr) wrote: Miike's answer to the western Harry Potter craze, but instead of western mythology, its Japanese folklore of Yokai. The amount of Yokai that exists in this film is astounding. Its actually exciting to recognize them and call them out as they appear on screen.

Margaret J (ru) wrote: Better than I expected. I like David Boreanaz.

Aaron C (kr) wrote: watched this as part of the free sbs on demand anniversary, but was sorely disappointed by the lack of a cohesive plot. the premise was a (handsome) guy who due to a malady, struggles to remember anything for beyond an hour (sounds familiar), and is thusly taken advantage of by every drooling female around him. if the genders were flipped, the feminists would have an outcry. but as it stands, it's simply an incomprehensible movie with an unrealistically good-looking cast.

Trevor W (au) wrote: A story of a high schooler trying to find his way in love, and the repercussions he faces when nothing goes his way. A perfect mash up of the quirky style we've come to love from Wes Anderson, and a truly charming character dealing with life his own way.

Adam R (es) wrote: Appallingly bad. Very disappointing for those seeking an enchanting fantasy. The acting was terrible and the nudity was in poor taste. The plot was lost on me. Overrated! (First and only viewing - 5/13/2010)

Jason J (it) wrote: The last great movie from Hammer Studios. Young women are being found dead, having aged dramatically and drained of all blood. Enter the sword wielding dashing blonde vampire hunter Captain Kronos and his faithful hunchbacked assistant who have been called by an old friend of his to find out who's behind all of the deaths.A vampire movie with a difference containing little gore but is full of suspense. A great twist on the vampire legend with a swashbuckling spaghetti western feel to it. The German actor Horst Janson looks the part as Kronos - cool, agile, athletic but unfortunately has no charisma! The atmospheric and desolate locations look fantastic. There are one or two red herrings in the storyline before the identity of the vampire is revealed. This is an original and refreshing variation on the classic vampire story. A wonderful little movie that deserves to be seen by fans of the genre and the famous studios it came from.

Henry K (br) wrote: Awesome movie. It was so good to see how god can change you. No matter what you have done in your past. God loves us and it showed in this movie.

rasta n (mx) wrote: MOST FUNNIEST SHOW I EVER SEEN.

Alaina Z (nl) wrote: Girl's Boarding School. Homoerotic themes. Obsession and a fall into mental illness. Everything I love in a movie.

Naidia W (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, however, I'm always disappointed - and annoyed - when the main character is Jewish but invariably played by a non-Jewish actor. That said, however, I found the interplay between the main characters (the Jewish baker and his young, African apprentice) and the twists and turns in the plot both enjoyable and compelling. I think that the only failings were the to me, at any rate, clumsy attempts to interject not only more humor but some action into the story line. In particular the scenes in which the baker and his apprentice break into the office of the real estate developer and steal some damaging evidence. Hokey!