Patatje Oorlog

Patatje Oorlog


Kiek is worried as her father works in a war zone. To lengthen the odds of her father getting hurt, she comes up with a strange and unique idea: she needs a dead dog and a dead mouse, because Kiek doesn't know one person who has a dead mouse, a dead dog and a dead father. Surely the odds against that are enormous? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (us) wrote: Le meilleur de l'histoire commence aprs la premire moiti du film , reste tout de mme pas mauvais!

Millo T (ru) wrote: It is difficult to explain what this movie creates with me. With two clear parts put together by a twist, each one with its fans and haters: one in the night, but shiny, romantic or Amelie style (not very original, but fresh because of the spirit of the two young and promising actors), but with the feeling something goes wrong; and the other part, Haneke-like, perturbing, with nice shots full of light but a dark soul, unconfortable, and also with the feeling that this should not be happening because characters should not have been so stupid in the first part. For me, it is a bomb of emotions and, most of the time, I was bored or desiring to stop it. However, even predictable (but in the middle twist), I must recognize it made me feel things, even if I disliked. The actors were good, and it probably has a message, although it is so subtle and hidden that maybe there was not intention at all. I would like that you also see other movies from these actors, which have very interesting roles in their careers.

Julian T (ca) wrote: The absolute epitome of cliche horror film. It trys so so hard to be 'Halloween' or 'Friday the 13th', but lacks any sort of creative flair, originality, scariness, compitancy, or story telling skills. Without an ounce of exageration, I figured the entire movie out 10 minutes into it. I don't say that to pat myself on the back, I just want to reiterate how cookiecutter of a movie this is. The 'twist' ending is abundently clear within the first 15 minutes, as is the second 'twist'. Nothing here distinguishes it from any one of a countless number of questionable at best horror films. The characters are all horribly written, and even more horribly acted. Another one of those movies where you are just praying for everyone to meet a quick and painful demise. The lighting is amature, as it is either to dark or too light in seemingly every scene, and I have a hard time believing this was a co-directoral effort. You would think one of them would know how to frame a shot or utilize an off-kilter camera angle. With all the negitives I've mentioned, I can't completely trash this. Despite being a total rehash/rip-off, it fulfills that cookie-cutter horror flick tag very well. There is a reason that this plot has been done before, and thats because it is at least moderately effective. I can't say I'd recomend it, but it is a solid step ahead of terrible.

Megan N (nl) wrote: Love Josh. Omg, the agent of tad is voice of timon from lion king!

Cathy D (ag) wrote: a great and romantic movie

Emily L (de) wrote: never seen it, no opinion of whether I want to

Claudia P (mx) wrote: I love Dougray Scott but I hated this movie. It seemed like everyone was bored making the movie. Not sure it is was the script or the director, but it just felt so boring.

Jesse M (ag) wrote: Willie Fukin Beaman, this movie put Jamie Foxx on the acting map, it showed he was more than a Comedian.. Al killed his coaching role as well.

Timothy F (ru) wrote: Great performances by Bening and Harris as expected. Shit script though.

Jodi P (es) wrote: My grandson loves this movie and to me that deserves 5 stars