Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers

Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers

Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion, locate and mark strategic "drop zones" and set up the top-secret navigation equipment needed to guide the main airborne assault on D-Day.

Three companies of paratroopers travel in a deadly mission to France to prepare the drop zone for the airborne attack on the D-Day. They have to install an Eureka transmitter and searchlight to guide the planes in the Normandy invasion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers torrent reviews

Kenji I (ag) wrote: many people were laughing, but, i think for non American people many parts of them are too difficult to understand.

Rachel C (fr) wrote: Intriguing. Sam Rockwell reminds me Edward Norton in a way.

Manu G (ag) wrote: If you don't have a life, get someone else's. Good Film! This is both a downer movie with two unhappy leads trying to survive their lives and a feel-good movie about people who find something in each other to survive. It's not quite a romance that develops, but there is a kind of loving co-dependence. It's meant to be deeper and more moving than it is mostly a issue of the writing again but you get the drift and it works overall. In the end, at the end, you wish so much it had been more than it was. It has so many interesting qualities that don't get pulled out, the surprising convergence in the plot, the game of taking on identities, the psychological depth of being who you are and accepting that. I felt let down by what did happen. The solutions are a bit obvious and almost cheap, depending on formulas seen before. Which is too bad because the set-up and the actors are worth more than that. Wallace Avery hates his job. His ex-wife and son hate him, and he's blown his one shot at living his dream. Not wanting to face all this, he stages his own death and buys himself a new identity as Arthur Newman. However, Arthur's road trip towards anew life is interrupted by the arrival of the beautiful but fragile Mike, who is also trying to leave her past behind. Drawn to one another, these two damaged souls begin to connect as they break into empty homes and take on the identities of the absent owners: elderly newlyweds, a high-roller and his Russian lady, among others. Through this process, Arthur and Mike discover that what they love most about each other are the identities they left at home, and their real journey, that of healing, begins.

Jacqueline S (gb) wrote: Okay, going in to a movie called 'Kaw' about killer ravens... you just, you can't take something like that seriously. This is plagued by all kinds of problem, obviously, most notably is a weak script mostly consisting of people screaming and repeating the same line over and over.Best line by far: "They're not crows... they're ravens." *cue sinister music*.I found this movie hilarious, like Shaun of the Dead hilarious, but the problem is... It wasn't supposed to be. They were taking themselves very seriously with this and that right there is a problem. If they were having fun with it, I think it would've turned out better.The real ravens were adorable, I thought, and took away from the 'evilness' of them and then the CG ravens... yeah. Too fake to be anything other than laughable. The reason for the ravens going on a killing spree is weak, though I suppose plausible, but for them to work together (think of them as having a hive mind like in Aliens with one raven leading the others) it's just... stupid.Then there's the Mennonites which are nothing like actual ones, they might as well have just been Amish. If you go into this thing expecting some laughs, you'll enjoy it, like I did.

Jim L (mx) wrote: I would say that this is a perfect movie to watch if you are bored and want something that is funny. The humor is what you would expect, and if you like the high school reunion or friends get back together type films, this is one to check out. I actually thought this movie was better than Grown-ups, but just didn't have the all-star cast that Grown-ups and Grown-ups II had.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: On adore le dtester...Un des meilleurs Chatillez depuis "La vie est un long fleuve"...Promis?...promis!

Dillinger P (de) wrote: There is a lot to like and even chew on in this racial period piece set around a street in Brooklyn during world war 2. The fact that the jewish are terrorised from within a country who are meant to be standing up for the attrocities going on in europe and the classic case of mistaken identity being torn apart or abused because of their appearance makes them look Jewish. The cast is superb as well, William H Macy makes a strong lead with the material he has and Laura Dern, as always, is hypnotizing. Even Meat Loaf comes across perfectly realized as the suspicious racial neighbour. The problem lies within the directing, the scripting (In places) and the cinematography. The scripts length is shorter than it needs to be to get all of these themes across, to a pace where they grow and unsettle you, dont get me wrong, seeing the abuse go on is hurtful but with so many avenues to explore we're left rushing through it. The director also cant seem to lock into a style, one minute its all sound of music, next were thrust into a coen brothers movie, before momentary lapses of obscurity break through, its unfocused and just jerks at the whole experience. The camera work also, it tries to aim for a voyueristic approach, which is the right approach, but deals with it with a horrible amount of zoom shots into zoom shots that it just looks unprofessional and lazy. Which is a shame because as you sit watching this film you cant help but feel, if this was in the right creative hands we could have something a lot stronger, a lot more focused and enthralling. Instead were left with good looking sets and locations with good actors doing the best they can with a script and director that just cant seem to lock their vision in. Its a shame really because there is a lot to like here. I would urge you to watch it for the themes and performances but thats all the meat of this product.

Brandon W (it) wrote: Remember the Titans is directed by Boaz Yakin, and it stars Denzel Washington and Will Patton in a football drama about a new coach that comes in to the football game to help out, but many people don't like him because he's a colored man, and even when he managed to get the football team to work together in camp, they have to deal with racial issues back in school. This is one of those films that I haven't seen, and everybody has in school, which I kept in my DirecTV list for a few years. When I was thinking that I need to delete some movies, this was one of them, and after watching it, I had a hard time deleting it because it was better than I thought was going to be. Denzel Washington is just amazing as he usually does, and gives his performances 100% from any film that he's in, and when he gave some speeches in this, it's really effective and make you feel that you're along the ride with them. Will Patton is good in it, and it feels believable when he's going through a transition that is supportable. The characters are a lot of fun, especially the team who are just trying to deal with high school because of the people in there that's racially diverse. The football scenes are fun to watch, even when you know where it was going in the climax. The story is a little bit different than what you see in a film like this, but you can see where it was going at times. There are a lot of good-feel moments where it's the speeches that are well-written, or the dances which I remember seeing something like that in a Frosted Flakes commercial. I like the social commentary of the film with the racial issue as it's similar, but is different for what it is. Remember the Titans is a really great film that honestly could've been worse when it's Disney at the early age when dealing with serious stuff, and while it's not quite as extreme as you usually see, there are some adult moments in there that'll shocked kids, but still have humor and heart in there that'll get kids laughing and smiling with their parents.

Hugh T (es) wrote: This is the second half of yesterday's Laurel & Hardy double bill video. It finds them in the roles of peripatetic butler and chef, enbroiled in saving a child-monarch from the assassination attempts of his evil guardians. Still a few laughs despite the well-past-their prime nature of this obvious B movie. HT

Justa C (us) wrote: One of the greatest movies of all times! Nino Brown was a bad man! Action, adventure, drama, and revenge! Great watch!

Sarah G (jp) wrote: I like the original, I like the musical... I'm sure it will be great whenever I get around to watching it.