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Pathik torrent reviews

Gareth L (ru) wrote: I went into this film knowing nothing and was completely utterly blown away. Taylor Sheridan's razor sharp script and David Mackenzie's excellent direction took the audience in the theater by storm. It's not often that I walk out of a movie completely floored by how good it was. The last time I remember feeling like that was when I went to see Drive (2011). Overall, Hell or High Water was a breathtakingly impactful film with great direction, top-notch production value, and excellent performances from Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster.

Dylan D (ca) wrote: Every year, there are always a few select films snubbed from contention in the race for Oscar's best picture. Every decade, there are one or two films that stand out amongst those as the best of the unjustly left behind. One such picture is Director Edward Zwick's Glory, and another is Sam Mendes' Road to Perdition. Though not completely overlooked during awards season -- Conrad Hall won a much-deserved posthumous Oscar for his exemplary cinematography and the film received several additional nominations -- the absence of a Best Picture nomination, as with Glory, seems one of the great injustices in the long history of the awards. Nevertheless, those missing notches from its belt in no way detract from what a remarkable piece of filmmaking this is. Road to Perdition is easily one of the most beautiful pictures ever made. It's got a great cast and an even better story as complimentary pieces, but there's no doubt that it's in Mendes' and Hall's brilliant craftsmanship where Road to Perdition will find its legacy as one of cinema's finest works of art.

Jeff D (ca) wrote: Nothing special - Just like every other John Singleton movie after Boys n the Hood.

Paul M (ru) wrote: Kevin Smith helped, but it's not his movie. Decent story, but ultimately it's just a low-budget production that only his diehard fans should feel compelled to see.

Rmy V (de) wrote: Surprising and mostly for the better.

Eric W (kr) wrote: A good film from the Curly Era.

Niko M (mx) wrote: Kunnon Golan/Globus-roskaa 80-luvulta. Suosittelen "nkemyksellisen" kasaritoiminnan vannoutuneille ystville!

Samuel B (de) wrote: Cheesy Troma flick, but so classic too. Good old anti-nuclear film about a small town high school residing adjacent to the local nuclear power plant and the resulting effects the radiation has on the youth. Pretty hilarious and a good action-cheese flick.

Joseph H (de) wrote: Its okay.nothing special, suit was kinda ehh

Kania Q (ca) wrote: love it! I love this movie. I think it's so much fun to watch in the age of all the scary gory movies out. and since I'm born on the 13th, my bday sometimes falls on a Friday. I love watching this movie!!

Kelly P (gb) wrote: Don't blink and you'll miss the water sequences! There was one at the beginning of the movie and one at the end. Cute enough, but really the showstopper was Red Skelton attempting to perform ballet in a tutu!

Dave J (ag) wrote: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 (1935) G- Men ACTION/ CRIME/ DRAMA When actor James Cagney became tired playing gangster roles in his films, he wanted to get rid of this kind of perception by showing his audience that he could also play a "good guy" role and chose this masterpiece which I feel has the most action sequences than anything else he had done. What I love about this film are the transitions a person has to do to work for the FBI back in the old days. Fascinating history about how it used to be!! They're also a great amount of shoot-em- ups, even involving car crashes which is unusual back in those days!! This film became a big hit inspiring more heroic stories about the FBI!!! 4/4 Action as well as story.

Andy W (it) wrote: Whilst not quite as awful as yer usual Brit-funnyman-does-a-movie effort, it's still prrrretty bad. Yes, it's clearly nonsense and meant to be - but it's more 'random' than actually 'funny'. It's inoffensive 'zany' stuff, but did they really have to make this movie?

Shane S (us) wrote: A great, bloody horror film with no monster, no maniac running around killing everone. Jenna Malone is very good. Its a great adaptation of the book.