Shiva (Shiva) and Indu (Madhu Shalini) are city-based students,who love each other. However, their love is strongly opposed by the latter’s parents. They're given a handwritten book titled "Pathinaaru" (Sixteen) by Indhu's mother to read. The book depicts a real-life story about two village teenagers Gopi (Kishore) and Ilavarasi (Vinitha), and their romance as they step into adolescence. Facing opposition from her affluent family, the gutsy Ilavarasi takes some bold unconventional steps, which backfires on her. The story of unrequited love and betrayal leaves Indu in a dilemma and she prepares to go with her family’s desires. But Siva is not ready to give up Indu and sets out to do his own investigation to get to the bottom of what ultimately happened to Gopi and Ilavarasi.

Pathinaaru is a 2011 Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Sabapathy Dekshinamurthy, who earlier directed films like V.I.P (1997), Punnagai Poove (2003) and A Aa E Ee (2009). It stars Shiva and Madhu Shalini in lead along with musician Darbuka Siva and television artist Abhishek in pivotal roles. The film's background score and soundtrack was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. After being launched in October 2008 under the title 16, the film was shot for over one year, getting finished in early 2010 only. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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