Radha earns a living begging in order to support herself and her crippled and ailing father. They live in a small tenement, under the constant threat of eviction by their landlord for unpaid rent for several months. One day, while begging, Radha meets a young man, Nirmal Chander, who would like to see her improve her status by getting employment, he even goes to the extent of assisting her find work in a mill. He subsequently invites her over to meet his mother, and asks her to marry him, to which she agrees. Nirmal also seeks the permission of her dad. When he goes to get her to make arrangements for their marriage, he finds her and her dad gone.

Radha earns a living begging in order to support herself and her crippled and ailing father. They live in a small tenement, under the constant threat of eviction by their landlord for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danielle N (us) wrote: What a fantastic and wild film! In some ways, photographically, it reminded me of the fantastic Japanese arthouse horror film, "Hausu". Yes, the film is quite violent, but no doubt, it is incredibly refreshing to see a female lead "take the reigns" in a western!

Millo T (ag) wrote: Tries to make a movie with too few elements. Disappointing.

Cedric L (it) wrote: Good performances ruined by a weak script

Denislav R (nl) wrote: A little bit lacking plot-wise and no standout performances like that of Heath Ledger's Joker.

Saber B (mx) wrote: kurtlatr vadisi *****

Ben F (nl) wrote: So when the movie came on, I wasn't really expecting anything, and that's exactly what I got. It was just one of those new millennium Segal films, and it was horrible. "Black Dawn" was a mess. So the plot is just like every other movie that you see Steven in these days. He's like an ex CIA agent and he has to like save the country or something. The plot is seen 1,000 times, and it's really boring to watch. If they had a little creativity here, maybe I would be more interested, but they don't. I feel like I've seen this movie before. One thing that really bugged me about this movie was the film editing. I mean, what the hell was going on here? There were cross dissolves and fade to black, in all of the wrong places, and I felt like it was a film that I had made on Adobe Premier, and not an actual movie. The acting in this film is obviously terrible. Steven Seagal, along with the list of actors that we don't know, all have horrible line delivery, and it's obvious that everything is VERY amateur. There really was no surprise there. One thing that I actually liked in this film was some of the cinematography. I thought that certain shootout scenes were filmed quite well, and it kept the movie moderately entertaining. But I felt that this was the only good aspect of the film, as everything else was just simply terrible. "Black Dawn" has certainly been done before. It's a completely recycled plot, and it shows. Nothing good here, and an all around horrible film.

Craig R (ag) wrote: loved it. pure 1990s film as it should be.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Following the early years of Mike Tyson's career. Michael Jai White is excellent in his role as Tyson.

Private U (de) wrote: Script needed lots of work. It was interesting to see such a young Brad Pitt wandering around. It has a cultish feel to it, so I wouldn't be surprised if in the next 20 years it really picks up steam, but right now its where it belongs.

Matthew G (it) wrote: One of the weaker slasher films from the 80s

Marrick A (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time.

Steve F (au) wrote: Terrible movie, but very watchable due to how damned funny it is. Unintentionally, but still funny. Um...where are the teenagers? And why are they being attacked by a giant lobster again?

Grayson W (it) wrote: A trashy 80s film about a vengeful pimp after a protagonist prostitute. The pimp was a pretty good character but the rest were pretty flat. Mediocre overall plot but a lot of interesting gritty LA locations

John S (ag) wrote: Great Movie, great Acting, and loved the story!

Thomas B (es) wrote: ****It's great fun, and 'Taken' rightly deserves its place in action history. Liam Neeson gives, what is at this point, an iconic performance, and the whole affair is directed smoothly by Pierre Morel. What a shame they had to ruin it with the god-awful sequel(s).