Pattam Pole

Pattam Pole

Karthi (Dulquer Salman) and Riya (Malavika Mohanan) elope one early morning to Ooty, fearing that the elders in the family will not accept their inter-religious relationship. They return to their respective homes after a couple of days after having a fight. They convince their loved ones that they hate each other and vow never to see each other again. The film would then trace the eventual course of their lives.

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Tyson S (gb) wrote: Better than Escape Plan at least. And the twisty axe battle was fun. But the best part is Sly Stallone's sultry mumbling narration.

Alex V (fr) wrote: What the actual fuck was that ending. Obviously people ran out of time to shoot the ending.

Nidhi J (ru) wrote: Great performances by all four and witty screen presence. I enjoyed the movie but I enjoyed Anil Kapoor's attempt at learning English the most.

Chris D (gb) wrote: Expected better from a film starring Seann William Scott not the worst film I've seen

Joshua L (mx) wrote: good movie, not great, kinda slow but funny at times.

Lucie P (au) wrote: Film A Qui Je Dois Ma Fascination Pour Carole ... Enfin Sa Voiiiix !!!

NarniaPirateHobbit E (de) wrote: This movie is very creepy but it will change your outlook on the world, and the Lord. Now who's army are you apart of?

Winter C (au) wrote: great movie and message to rhe people

lion o (ag) wrote: very good 8 out of 10

Ilene J (fr) wrote: I get hot mad every time I watch this and then I cry for days

Charles S (jp) wrote: Inspired by carville, but factually flip flopped. Geena Davis. nuff said....

Moore S (kr) wrote: As odd as the movie is (especially the director's cut), it is hauntingly entertaining

Cristbal S (us) wrote: Goofy, but still awesome, 'Drag Me to Hell' is so self aware of what it is that I can't help but love it.

Joann S (ru) wrote: Wanted to give it five stars but tablet would not let me. This movie is extremely intense extremely real. Recommend everyone should see

Karim G (kr) wrote: " A nice & amazing tribute for R&B modern history".