Patton Ki Bazi

Patton Ki Bazi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Patton Ki Bazi 1986 full movies, Patton Ki Bazi torrents movie

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Patton Ki Bazi torrent reviews

Jermain J (gb) wrote: A decent movie, kinda confusing since I never saw the anime but even though I didn't this movie was all that regardless

Luke D (au) wrote: Love both actors, but this is about the WORST Hollywood movie I've seen--REALLY! !

Dave H (nl) wrote: Another great Documentary that Kevin Smith was involved wiht.

Steve S (jp) wrote: *** (out of four) An animated musical journey follows four generations of men as they make their way through life and their dreams and how music plays a big part of the story. The animation isn't the best out there but it is interesting and the story is pretty good. The music is great with songs from the likes of Billy Idol, Pat Benatar, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

Debbie W (nl) wrote: I love this film. I got it on DVD for Christmas and gosh it was great to be able to see it again! Walter Matthau was a gem in the acting world and this film is one of his best. The cast, the writing and the attention to the tiniest of details are amazing. It's lots of fun and stands the test of time very well largely because the soundtrack uses only music by Mozart. Did I mention I love this film?

Aaron B (ag) wrote: Watched this with Meleah tonight. She didn't like it at all, but it remains one of my all-time favorites. Mink Stole is wonderful as Taffy!

Tor M (us) wrote: Super realistic film about a teacher that goes on a destructive vacation. He make some bad choices and it just getting worse and worse as he downs more and more. This is the real "Hangover" in a way.It got a somewhat scary message - going on drinking-sprees when you have the possibility to do so, relatable I would say. This very low budget film has a superb pace. It's simplistic but effective and it's never a flat watch. The kangaroo hunt is the most controversial and disturbing stuff here, but maybe not the most rememberable scenes after all. Sweat, beer cans, guns, dust, heat and carelessness all over the line here.7 out of 10 chugged beers.

Miss B (de) wrote: that's all it took for me to want to see it..''In a world of no absolutes, right and wrong is just a matter of perspective. ''

Jared M (nl) wrote: Batman, Leonidas, and Detective Rust Cohle fighting dragons in the apocalypse. It's not fine cinema but it's a damn entertaining movie.

Clone B (ca) wrote: I loved it! It was a really fun and entertaining supernatural teen movie.