Paulinho da Viola - Meu Tempo É Hoje

Paulinho da Viola - Meu Tempo É Hoje

Documentary about Brazilian samba songwriter and singer Paulinho da Viola, one of the most sophisticated musicians of the genre. The film shows his biography, influences, masters and ...

Documentary about Brazilian samba songwriter and singer Paulinho da Viola, one of the most sophisticated musicians of the genre. The film shows his biography, influences, masters and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (ca) wrote: Saw this at BIFF - and glad I did! It's Venezuelan and looks very authentic. Starts out as a chase movie, but then turns into a hostage movie, all at a pretty fast pace. It eventually slows down and starts to reveal bits of backstory, so you keep questioning your allegiances - who really are the 'good' guys? The plot all comes together well at the end, but it's a little unsatisfying & there's so many deaths! It's like a cross between Red State & The Negotiator - which is a good thing. 'Skinny Vin Diesel' (that's what I'm calling him) was good & the other guy had the weirdest voice and there's not too many subtitles to read that they're distracting. Worth a watch! (It's also funny that Miss Venezuela just won Miss World!)

Hopper K (es) wrote: the whole running through the snow in your boxers, t-shirt and bare foot is absolutely brutal. i don't even want to comtemplate if those scenes were real or not. crazy bastards! lmao! a pretty cool movie on the whole i found.

Angie S (us) wrote: Ok, thought it would be way better than what it was. Kind of a waste if my time.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: I appreciate the film's message with my whole heart: Parenting is hard no matter how intelligent you are, and it takes a strong heart and open arms to raise up a child (but it takes faith in a God greater than this earth to truly raise one right, in my opinion). However, this is a film that wallows in sentiment more than a little bit.The color palette for the film is odd and unorthodox to a fault, and tends to muddle the experience for me, just a bit.That being said, the combination of efforts from the director and the stellar cast on an acting front is nothing short of a marvel. Sean Penn gives one of his most transformative performances, Michelle Pfeiffer does a magnificent job expressing subtle emotions in an otherwise not-so-subtle role, and the wonderously talented Dakota Fanning gives a fantastic little performance, and manages to stand toe-to-toe with the heavyweight acting prowess of Sean Penn.Overall, this is a performance-driven film that seems to be striving for something more; it all just felt a little bit condescending sometimes. I know this is a favorite of many people, and I truly applaud the effort from the makers of this film, because this is very treacherous territory, but it just wasn't for me. Great performances though! Some of my favorite performances in fact.

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Matt K (br) wrote: Has a ton of good stuff but is really fractured and disjointed. Apparently this was against director Coolidge's wishes, but whatev. Ultimately the film commits the ultimate filmic sin ... it's boring.

Luke B (fr) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies because of the sheer ambition behind it. just to put this in perspective, I'm an atheist and still liked this movie about heaven.

Karen C (it) wrote: I loved this movie. Was great fun

Richard D (es) wrote: Probably my favourite of Henenlotter's films. It works as horror, dark comedy and social commentary without being too heavy or crashingly obvious. The kind of film that successfully makes a virtue of it's low budget. The great John Zacherle steals the show.

Roger R (de) wrote: Never date a sex worker even if she is Elizabeth Taylor - just watched this again - the sociological and psychological stuff is spot on - women who become sex workers are almost always sexually abused as children - often by the partners of their mothers who are either complicit or "don't want to know" - they then find it almost impossible to form meaningful adult relationships with men - and use their sexuality as their only currency - although the film ends a bit melodramatically - society usually multiplies the punishment of these women - demonising them for their sex work, and drug and alcohol use - untll fairly recently conventional psychiatry/ psychology has not been much help - a remarkable and courageoius film. My favourite scene in this film of many great scenes is when she tells her psycho analyst that she no longer needs him because she is in love, turns out to be famous last words

Dave G (it) wrote: Classic absurdist comedy with one of Charlie Kaufman's best scripts.

Antonio N (de) wrote: The first few minutes it was end game for this film.

Taylor W (nl) wrote: I know it's not a masterpiece but I did enjoy it!!

Charlie R (fr) wrote: Have seen it, liked it, but it's years ago, so I don't remember enough to rate it.