Pawn Shop Chronicles

Pawn Shop Chronicles

The stories of a missing wife, a couple of meth heads and an Elvis impersonator are connected by the items found in a small town's pawn shop.

“Pawn Shop Chronicles” is a comedy action movie about a husband tracing the ring of his wife who was missed six years ago. He went to a town that is full of violence, rifling and women abduction. From here, a lot of troubles and tragicomic stories eternally happens to the husband… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian F (au) wrote: A director who has already made his mark with Kahaani once again hit a sixer with no song, power script film. An extremely important part of India's history and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the politics of civil war and India's involvement in this messy affair has been showcased in sort of a thriller documentary. Hope we have many declassified confidential documents so that more such stories can be portrayed..... A MUST WATCH. Surprised at John Abraham's and Nargis' role. Both are in my opinion otherwise bad actors who have done a great job.

Jack G (gb) wrote: Clint reminds me of my dad, I like all his stuff

Armando B (it) wrote: It's not as bad as people are saying, great performance by Theron and Oswalt, I've never seen Oswalt in such deep role, and of course Theron is always great. Unfortunaty the story is bad, the back story of Therons character is completely missing what happen between high school and now? what was the deal with her ex husband ? and the ending is complete dull, the middle was great, directing was great, the flow of the story pulls this movie down. So for this being my thoughts about this movie, I give "Young Adult" a solid C.

Olivia D (de) wrote: Kept and held my attention throughout the entire film. A very passionate story about the tragedy of war and love.

Zahra R (au) wrote: great movie!i love comedies....soha looks amazing when she dresses up and all for the shooting...she needs to get into bigger movies n make her name now like her family did

Sol H (jp) wrote: An incredibly bland film for the first hour and a half or so, before it finally gets going and turns into a bizarre conspiracy-based thriller, bordering on horror territory. The first hour and a half are essentially pointless and the last 45 minutes are just ridiculous and overblown. It's a bit shit, basically. 3/10

Nioto B (gb) wrote: Aie aie aie ! On est pas passe loin du Memento francais ! Sur une idee absolument geniale, voici un film juste moyen qui aurait pu etre une pure reussite. Dussolier est parfait, la musique fait planner une ambiance tres reussie. Le probleme c'est une realisation molle et surtout un scenario qui ne decolle que 20 minutes avant la fin... Tres tres tres dommage !

Panta O (nl) wrote: This drama-horror-comedy is a directorial debut of Jeremy Gardner. The film stars Gardner and co-producer Adam Cronheim as two former baseball players trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. I can see faces griming but this was recommended to me by a RT friend who mentioned that the film has won audience awards at several international film festivals. The story was just a background for a friendship relationship exploration. Post-apocalyptic events are showing us a zombie takeover of the entire New England area, where two former baseball players, Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim), travel the back-roads of Connecticut with no destination in mind. We will find out later that they were trapped in a house in Massachusetts, along with Mickey's family, for three months. Mickey's father, mother and brother were killed before they figured out how to escape. Since then, Ben opposes sleeping indoors and the two have had many arguments regarding the matter. While Ben quickly adapts to the "hunter-gatherer" and constantly on the road lifestyle, Mickey is the opposite, and yearning for a "normal" life. He refuses to kill zombies and learn to fish, and finds a safe haven listening to his CD player with headphones on, wasting batteries and distracting himself from his surroundings... There were very interesting scenes in this movie, and Gardner is definitely a talented director, but the facts that the film costs were $6,000 to make and that was shot in 15 days in Connecticut, were obvious. The scenes were not planned in advance, and director Jeremy Gardner described it as "very seat-of-the pants", thinking that is probably "cool", but I do not think so. The movie gave me a feeling of a short film (about 30 minutes) extended to a feature film... I could not believe the scenes in the car at the end... same things going over and over and over... annoying and useless! If you like watching middle aged man masturbating looking at zombie tits, long annoying claustrophobic situations with a screenplay which obviously had only suggestions, not the actual text with lines packaged in a cheap box with ribbon, but with tasty directing, solid editing and average camera work, and some acting which could pass as adorable - check it out... or it is perfect for people who just want to see something different!

Christopher E (nl) wrote: Not bad, for a WWII movie.

Amanda H (au) wrote: Let's recap, shall we? Boy meets girl. Boy falls under girl's spell, despite having a much cuter, much better girlfriend. Girl goes evil and kills everyone. Okay, that's not QUITE what happens in this movie, but it's close enough. The only reason I even let this movie play through until the end was because I was doing other things and it was background noise. This is terrible.

Chip R (us) wrote: Surprisingly better than the first! I actually enjoyed it!

Robert I (ca) wrote: Classic Chiba. A surprising film if you've never seen Chiba before.

Mira Mohd S (ag) wrote: I think I have proven my love for found footage films well enough over the years, by nearly watching everyone one of them which have been coming out over the course of the past 3 - 4 years. This time the man behind the revolution, Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), once again reunites himself and his crew deep into the woods. Instead of being attacked by a ghostly witch we never get to see, we are introduced to bigfoot. Well is the film great? Lets analyze. Well I have seen quite some big foot movies, the one which has hindered long in my memory has been Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012), but unlike this film the latter actually shows the monster. That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the costumes and special effects used. While The Lost Coast Tapes did a great job while not showing the creature, and Exists does a good job showing it. There's not really much imagination needed when you think of what big foot looks like; tall, hairy, ape or man-like, seriously! Well the story is pretty cliche - There are five teens, the white leader, the black tough guy, the blonde, the smart girl, and the unlikable cameraman, who are at this cabin for some reason and nobody knows they are there. And then they mess with Bigfoot & get hunted down one by one. Sanchez has made sure the tone is kept pretty creepy, just like his previous one. `But unfortunately the movie left me more confused than entertained. What makes a found footage film great are the emotional weight and deep characters that give purpose to the surrounding action. That is exactly what is missing in Exists. It isn't necessarily a bad film, but its generic, an almost worse crime. The pace is kept pretty solid, but in order to get to the point, the film clearly misses an opportunity for any character development. As result, we don't care about who dies! The film lacks that raw ingredient that every film needs. The found footage only works in spots, and is glaringly misguided in others. The major crime the makers have committed, from the point of a found footage film is, at times they seems to forget about the POV standard as some cameras magically appear out of nowhere in the woods. Where did it come from? Whose camera was it? It's not logical, and it totally brings the film down. I actually found the style to be degrading to the quality of the movie. Sanchez has style and I wish he upped his game. Probably the only plus point for the film goes to Big foot himself/herself, which was terrifying & made to look just like they have been talked about! On the whole Exists in not a bad film, but its not great either, it lies somewhere in between as a passable affair, while people looking for jump scares wont be disappointed, found footage lovers will!

Robert R (kr) wrote: Layer cake is a entertaining, well paced, well acted and well directed crime thriller no more no less.

Thomas H (mx) wrote: I watched this thinking it would be cool, but it wasn't too good. It was kinda boring, the effects and acting wasn't too great, and it was just plain weird. I'm not into werewolf movies, but some scenes were pretty creepy and the appearances of the werewolves were cool. If you love werewolf movies, this is definitely worth seeing, but if you're not, look elsewhere.

Poo B (fr) wrote: The first one was OK but this is totally bogus. and its not even the final or two humorous scenes make this a 2 otherwise this would have gone straight to hell