Pale Arrow is a white man raised since a boy by the Pawnee Chief. With wagon trains now encroaching on Pawnee land, the Chief sends Pale Arrow to be with the white people. Now known as Paul Fletcher, he takes the job of wagon train scout. The Chief wants peace but when he dies, Crazy Fox takes over and now leads the Pawnees in an attack against that wagon trai

Pale Arrow is a white man raised since a boy by the Pawnee Chief. With wagon trains now encroaching on Pawnee land, the Chief sends Pale Arrow to be with the white people. Now known as Paul... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (br) wrote: seems a bit out of sorts at the beginning but gradually you can connect with the 8 RJ's love affair with rock n roll music.a crazy cast with an average storyline and some really AWESOME soundtracks playing in the background. Just loved the songs and the light hearted comedy in the movie

Bootay (au) wrote: This movie is scary as hell!

Lorraine D (au) wrote: a very good performance from christian bale and emily watson, and a good story line too, set in the seventies , one of my favourites ! x

John B (au) wrote: Judi Dench deserved the Oscar for this. The academy made up for its mistake by giving it to her for a 15 minute performance in Shakespeare in Love. This is Judi at her best as Victoria and the awkward and unsure "relationship" that she has post Albert with the Scotsman Brown. Billy Connolly rises to his best as well as the often confused Brown.

(mx) wrote: This movie was awesome!! I loved all the action. Of course the prerequisite tragedies have to occur for the hero to come back for vengence and this was one of those films. SRK as the mute Shankar was great. The romance that buds between him and Gauri (Madhuri Dixit) is sweet. I thought it was awesome when Shankar starts getting back at the people who did him wrong and Gauri helped him. That's true love. LOL. Really great action fillm with so much heart.

Steve G (us) wrote: The level of beauty captured in a Tarkovsky film is unlike any other. Nobody directs more beautiful pictures (with perhaps John Ford being his only peer). Andrei Rublev is certainly no exception.As beautiful as it is, the film is not without flaw, however. It does begin to lag a little during the second quarter. The 'Last Judgment' segment, though stunningly shot, seems a little tired & pretentious. But it returns to form during the next segment, which (though somewhat random) is brutal in its depiction of unspeakable terror; almost too brutal to watch. The Grand Prince's brother is pure evil.Despite its length, my main conflict is that I'd have preferred slightly more character study. One critic stated that, "there always seems to be more going on in the head of the film's director" than in the character. I don't think that criticism is completely without merit. However, it's mostly forgivable, when one considers the powerfully graceful & poetic expression of drama that radiates all throughout. It doesn't tell a unified story as much as it creates a lasting array of impressions that stem from momentous events over time.Many consider it a masterpiece, & it's not difficult to understand why. Solonitsyn's performance as the artistic monk is iconic. The way in which Tarkovsky brings to life the 15th century is nothing short of astounding. He achieves a work of art almost worthy of the film's namesake. All aspiring filmmakers would do well to take note. An excellent work.*Note: I watched the 205 minute version, because it was the only one I could find. I wish I had seen the 186 minute version, which Tarkovsky claimed was definitive.

Shaun H (it) wrote: In my opinion, Blood and Black Lace is Mario Bava's masterpiece and one of the finest films of the Giallo genre.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Kathryn N (gb) wrote: Funny movie! I loved how he was "best friends" with his old high school janitor! Hahah, too funny. The Janitor was great. Good mix of musical styles too. Good movie!

Art S (fr) wrote: In the same vein as Hammer's contemporaneous Quatermass pictures, X: The Unknown is British sci-fi themed horror with serious social commentary (about radioactivity) thrown in for good measure. It starts well, with a sort of "Val Lewton" asthetic - low budget and what you can't see just might be more scary in your imagination. Dean Jagger is on hand as a scientist who is doing experiments on neutralizing atomic bombs when the monster strikes, killing a few soldiers and leaving a huge fissure in the earth. Then, a few more victims before we see the horrible sludge creature that lives on radiation (even attacking a hospital to get some). Unfortunately, the scientific mumbo jumbo can only get you so far and the film stumbles along to its fully expected conclusion.

Stephen S (ca) wrote: Pretty solid. Vanilla dramas like this really aren't my thing, but I can appreciate the good acting. Didn't think this was as amazing as all the critics claimed it was though.