Oscar Bonsetter tells a dying prisoner that he will take revenge on the sadistic guard who killed him. In exchange, Oscar is told of a stash of money. Oscar is eventually released from prison but when he goes to get revenge, he gets sidetracked by the now-handicapped guard and his alluring wife, Rose. The tension builds as Oscar becomes more and more attracted to Rose.

Oscar Bonsetter tells a dying prisoner that he will take revenge on the sadistic guard who killed him. In exchange, Oscar is told of a stash of money. Oscar is eventually released from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (ca) wrote: This movie is near flawless. While it is the least "Batman" of all the Batman movies released, it's still a fantastic movie in every way I can think of. Of particular note I think was Tom Hardy's performance as Bane. I often look away from trailers in the theater to avoid being spoiled, but one thing that stuck with me was when I heard Bane's voice in the trailer. Even though I wasn't actively watching the trailer, that voice stuck out as frightening, and stayed with me for the months I was waiting for the movie, and I feel his portrayal in the movie lived up to what I had built up in my mind. While Bane may not be as physically imposing as the character often is portrayed, I'm okay with sacrificing a bit of that if it means a better performance, and I am very happy with what we got with that. Furthermore, I think Anne Hathaway's Catwoman is probably my favorite version. Unlike most of the previous attempts, it's much more grounded in realism, and Hathaway has the perfect attitude for the character, and also has some fantastic acting and chemistry with the other characters in the movie. There are also some unexpected moments that I won't spoil, but I found very satisfying, and ultimately I think this movie does a perfect job wrapping up the trilogy that I think will stay for a long time as the best superhero film series of all time. Personal Grade: S++Technical Score: 99%

Chris V (us) wrote: A great movie. Very funny and unique story, and a great cast.

Keenan S (us) wrote: It's odd to see a film-maker like Takashi Miike, the notorious film-maker behind controversial films like Audition and Ichi The Killer make something that is so...well, I don't really even know how to describe it. It's certainly a unique, and dare I say, original fantasy film. Normally, I don't like it when people randomly toss around the word "original" when describing a film because there are bound to be a number of examples of what a film does that were done years, or even decades before. When it comes to The Bird People In China, I can honestly say that I have never seen any film like it, nor will I ever again. While I do enjoy fantasy franchises like Lord Of The Rings, The Neverending Story, Harry Potter, etc., this film is a very fresh take on fantasy with its whimsical premise, oddball characters, hilarious humor, themes about life, and everything in between. The premise alone is strange. A Japanese businessman is sent by his employer to check out a jade mine in a remote village in China, but the company didn't tell him that they had unsettled debts with the Yakuza, so the man is accompanied during the trip by a very angry and abusive debt collector for the Yakuza, along with their strange tour guide. What is already a strange journey becomes even more bizarre with the scenarios they find themselves in like riding a raft pulled by turtles, getting high as fuck on mushrooms, the tour guide loses his memory during the journey, and then they end up the remote village which just so happens to have a school that tries to teach people to fly like birds. It's a strange and hypnotic fantasy from start to finish, that touches on various themes like the emptiness of the modern world, the beauty of nature, self-discovery, and much more. If you love a good strange film, this is one to definitely check out, as you will never see anything like it. It's easily one of the best fantasy films I've ever seen.

Matt N (ru) wrote: The Rutles are not my idea of a good band. No surprise I am not fond of this idea.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Featuring a more wacky concept than the standard Woody Allen feature, Sleeper sounded like it would be an interesting experience. Sleeper is interesting because it shows Woody Allen going into the science fiction genre and poking fun at the genre with satirical elements which he crafts into a clever screenplay. The film is really light in nature, and yet its subject matter is dark with a distinctive touch of satire, so it is a very ambitious project on behalf of Woody Allen and a nice step into new territory on behalf of the filmmaker. As a whole, it proves to be a satire of science fiction films with a mix of Charlie Chaplin style humour which turns it into a very clever comedic entity and entertaining film. It is hardly a routine piece on behalf of him, and even though it is a dated film, it is still a funny and entertaining experience.Sleeper is a distinctive Woody Allen film because even though it is a branch out from his more common works, it maintains the same theme of romantic tragicomedy as a central theme which he is commonly known for. At the same time it has a humourously depicted universe built on a low budget that follows an intentionally low budget style reminiscent of German Expressionist cinema. To put it simply, Woody Allen manages to create a universe for Sleeper which means that it feels genuine enough to be realistic as well as humorously playing on the fact that it is all over the top and artificial at the same time. It is an interesting blend and it means that the satirical elements of the film make a good physical manifestation into reality. Everything in Sleeper looks good thanks to a fine production design and some nice scenery all built on a low budget and captured with great cinematography. Admittedly, there was not as many physical gags as there could have been and as they were the funniest jokes of the film, there are some times where Sleeper does not reach out to its full potential. But overall, Sleeper provided enough silly fun thanks to an original concept and execution iconic of Woody Allen's film style as well as the fact that the fast pace and consistent movement of the film ensured that it had plenty of energy. Everything rushed past the eyes of the viewers as a fun and energetic experience, and it should prove to entertain fans of Woody Allen films as a mix of his iconic style of humour and an exploration of a new idea.Thanks to Woody Allen's firm comedic direction, Sleeper manages to serve as a colourful and clever visual experience. But more importantly, anyone can tell you that Woody Allen's central talent in filmmaking comes from his ability to create an excellent script. In Sleeper, his script is full of clever science fiction satire which pokes humour at both a dystopian future and the society that was the present during the making of the film. It can almost be viewed as a counterculture piece because it shows corrupt and obsessive authority falling at the hands of an everyday man thrown into a complicated situation, and so it is one of the more humourous looks at the concept of political corruption and power to come out of the 1970's. As a whole, despite the film having a lot of direct comedic satire of such science fiction texts as H.G. Wells' The Sleeper Awakes and George Orwell's 1984, the film is very light in nature and has a lot of silly joy to it which makes it an enjoyable film.And the cast of the film do their job to make the universe feel genuine as well.Woody Allen's performance is just spot on in Sleeper. It doesn't take M. Night Shyamalan to realise that Woody Allen's character in Sleeper is going to be his standard nebbish figure, but the way that he combines that with elements of science fiction is just great. But the fact is that his performance succeeds because of the physical humour in his performance. While his natural leading charisma is easy and his line delivery is easily executed as usual, in Sleeper there is a lot more fun poked at his ability to interact with the silly universe of the film with easy charisma and execute plenty of laughs at his own slapstick. This is a refreshing element on behalf of Woody Allen because he is usually a lot more about scripting humour than he is about making physical gags which are so funny. But he puts all his work into this film because he puts himself in inflatable suits, on helicopter jetpacks and stuck up in trees on his journey to salvation, and he consistently manages to keep the jokes rolling through his physical presence in a fish out of water situation. Woody Allen keeps his focus more on the silent comedy aspect of the film in Sleepers, and though he does a great job as the screenwriter and the director of the film, he is also memorable for pulling off a lot of physical gags with refreshing naturalism. Sleeper features one of his most notable performances to date as it stands out from his many others in the role of the stereotypical nebbish, and he keeps things consistently interesting.Diane Keaton is a nice presence as well. Playing a strong duo with Woody Allen as always, Diane Keaton is good in Sleeper because she has a lot of energetic giddiness to her which makes her a charming character. And thanks to the firm power of her chemistry with Woody Allen, the two of them make a great leading duo and you could really expect nothing less from them. So although Sleeper does not exactly capitalise on its potential for plenty of hilarious physical gags and is a rather dated film, its clever satire and genuine comedic spirit manage to establish that it is an entertaining film from Woody Allen which shows him branching out into science fiction.

Victoria K (it) wrote: Very,very funny!!!!! I llove this movie. I could watch this a million times!!!!!!!!!!!

Aj V (us) wrote: This movie is like an older and non-humorous version of The Graduate with actors who were more well known at the time. I think both Bergman and Perkins give good performances. The problem is that the movie is very predictable and a little too long. It's an alright movie, but it could have been a lot better.

Li G (jp) wrote: one of the most accurate-feeling dystopian stories i've come across. an entertaining action flick.

Michael L (jp) wrote: Cute movie. Tom Hanks is wonderful to watch as always as is Meg Ryan. A fun RomCom and reuniting of Meg and Tom on the screen.

Laura M (de) wrote: I liked this movie because I found myself determined to see how the couple would find a way to end up together and be free from the 'cult'. At first, I just thought of the movie as just another one of those types where the woman is rescued by her man and they fight off their opponents, or in this case, the witches, until they can live happily ever after. Yet, to my pleasant suprise this film had a twist where in the end the woman was being deceptive all along for she had lured the man into her world so she and her cult friends could kill him for their yearly human sacrifice ritual. Though don't get me wrong, it was a sad thing for the man, because when you were watching the film you feel his tremense love for her and are as I said determined to see them end up together. Ultimately, I rate this movie pretty fresh because the satisfaction I was planning to receive at the end of the film turned out to be a bigger satisfaction because of the unexpected but very smart and clever ending.

allison s (mx) wrote: this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.