With friends like these, who needs enemies? That's the question bad guy Porter is left asking after his wife and partner steal his heist money and leave him for dead -- or so they think. Five months and an endless reservoir of bitterness later, Porter's partners and the crooked cops on his tail learn how bad payback can be.

Porter is bad, but his neighbours are worse. Street-wise and tough, an ex-marine, he is betrayed by a one-time partner, and shot in the back by his junkie wife. He survives and returns, looking to recover his share from the robbery of an Asian crime gang. The money has passed into the hands of "the Outfit", a slick gangster organisation that runs the city. He has to make his way through a world populated by heroin dealers, prostitutes, sado-masochists, gunmen and crooked cops, a place where torture is a way of life. His only friend is a former employer, a prostitute, and her loyalty is in question, given she now works for the Outfit. He makes good early progress, but then falls into the hands of Fairfax, the crime boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Payback torrent reviews

Shajie K (gb) wrote: Not sure what to make of the movie really...

Paulina A (mx) wrote: Thought was gonna be a terrible film but it was the other way arround. Nice romantic comedy with interesting performances and a nice script. He seems a bit "too much" at the begining but the performance improves as the rythm goes by. Good film.

Giorgio P (kr) wrote: A very effective film and Ethan Hawke is great (as always!)With original and tense cinematography and a good dose of unpredictability and off beat story telling, The Woman in the Fifth is an entertaining and memorable film.

Monty M (de) wrote: An odd biopic of the bad times of Robert Durst ; watch The Jinx on HBO instead

Usman A (nl) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Kiko E (ru) wrote: Jesus camp is a fascinating look into a Christian summer camp for kids that had since closed because of negative publicity. The camp expounds anti intellectualism and right wing values to kids of Evangelical nut jobs. The camp leader is a overweight, middle-aged woman named Becky Fischer that resembles a career fast food manager who is super into her job. She wants her disciples as devoted as Muslim suicide bombers are. Many of the kids featured in the movie are home schooled because why bother with pesky facts when all you need to know Is that Jesus is responsible for everything. I learned that 75% of the kids that are home schooled in this country are Evangelicals. The film was released in 2006 as the second term of the Bush administration was coming to an end. The Evangelicals in the movie are greatly responsible for reelecting him. At one point, the kids at the summer camp pray to a cardboard cutout of George Bush. The kids go up to strangers in public places like bowling alleys and try to recruit them. There's a cringe-worthy rap song "kicking it for Christ" that's almost worth the price of admission. These people are sure that Jesus Christ is coming back in their lifetime. But yet he never seems to get around to it. Becky tells the children that Harry Potter is evil because he is a warlock and warlocks are enemies of god. She says "Harry Potter would have been put to death in biblical times." It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad and chilling that people actually believe this. There is a poignant moment where a kid that goes to the summer camp explains why he doubts what he has been told to believe. The kids meet disgraced preacher Ted haggard who was once a spiritual adviser to president Bush. He was later caught smoking meth and paying a make prostitute for sex. There is a scene where Haggard is talking to his congregation and pointing to the camera ; "I know what you did last night, you need to repent" It feels like he is talking to himself. Jesus Camp is a scary, very well made documentary, that doesn't try to lead you into one way of thinking like many documentaries tend to do (Micheal Moore) but instead reports and let's you make up your mind.

Mario J (kr) wrote: Una copia mal hecha de Hostal, todo el principio hace que la pelcula parezca ms de unos amigos vacacionando que una gore. 4/10

Sean C (ru) wrote: Well made and well acted but very much of its time. Attitudes have changed, well I hope they have, so in that way it feels a little dated. Solid but unremarkable filmmaking.

Penny B (us) wrote: great film. not one you need to see twice

Scott R (au) wrote: I didn't finish this one.

Charles P (br) wrote: The self-seriousness, the cheesy dialogue, the barbaric violence - do they work? Yes, they do.

Michael T (ca) wrote: Kusturica's follow-up to WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY ON BUSINESS is actually a funnier and gentler.

Anthony V (nl) wrote: The musical numbers aren't that great, but the Harryhausen special effects make it worth your while.

bob w (ag) wrote: now seems hokey and contrived. the points of the story line are clear enough but the acting is over dramatized and stodgy. mason is particularly dreadful. scenery is well shot and holds the film together as does john Williams' character.

n b (jp) wrote: An splendorous result:great movie, Gorgeous Gloria Swanson's extraordianry seems to be transported to the peek of silent movie, but this is one of the last done, anyway it is a restored film as most from the period, the sencorship, perhaps, but we ,classic lovers have lost so many films , entire films due to the censorship,the pre Hayes code period was one of the most free & eclectic.the Hayes code was a destructive vehicle to vail sensuality , that got such a tremendous quality , what a lost!I bet the best scenes were lost, Kelly's arrival to German Africa & the end when she is a grand "madame"a story of innocence, lust, envy & love!!Anyway Swanson transport us with "the face" the eyes to a world of sensuality few can fully understand.Great for VON STROHEIM such a terrific director.the technical crew was superbe!!LIGHTS LIGHTS, WHAT A TERRIFIC SCENES EACH ONE!!

John T (it) wrote: This was pretty good. People have cured zombie... sort of. They put the virus into a hibernating state, but only if they have not completely turned into zombies and they have to take their meds ever day. This movie is about what happens if there is a shortage scare of meds. People go pretty crazy. Very good. Psychological thriller.