Paziraie sadeh

Paziraie sadeh

An Iranian couple from the city drive around a remote mountainous region. They hand out bags of money to poor villagers in return for them carrying out unusual requests the couple make of them.

An Iranian couple from the city drive around a remote mountainous region. They hand out bags of money to poor villagers in return for them carrying out unusual requests the couple make of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony R (br) wrote: Same I watched the first one wasn't too bad so if the kiddily wink's want to see it we will. ; )

Alejandro C (mx) wrote: Horrorosa. No hace nada de gracia.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: Just your typical tale of a Japanese girl obsessed with the French Rococo period. It's mental and a lot of fun, but it also has heart. Reckon it was edited by Tony Scott after a drug binge too.

Linda M (au) wrote: More of a trashy documentary style film where you get a bunch of actors, make them gay, and have them have sex with each other. Nothing more typicall in any other movie but give the rating more showing male skin more than a movie plot.

Toribio H (it) wrote: Even though most of the movie is shot in and on the HMS Surprise, it is so energetic and filled with well written characters, not to mention Russell Crowe at the helm! The film gives you an idea of isolation at sea, as well as make you feel brimming with adventure, letting you feel as happy as the sailors when you sight land. Watching this is like watching a free-way car chase,with the same excitement drawn through-out the whole film, with the ocean as your road and frigates as cars.

Jesse O (ca) wrote: What a great movie featuring some simply fabulous performances from Nick Nolte and James Coburn. Nick Nolte does about a great a job of anyone at playing someone who's always constantly on the edge of totally losing it, turning into the man his father is/was. The movie also has a strong story about Wade's relationship with his father and how Wade, in turn, sort of detaches himself from everyone around him due to harming them like his father did as he was growing up and how he sort of tries to redeem himself and all his faults by solving a murder case that simply wasn't there. It's a story that makes sense and it never insults your intelligence in any way. While I think a lot of the father/son issues the movie touches on are a bit familiar, in that it's not something you haven't seen before not that it reminds ME of my childhood, but Nick Nolte and James Coburn do such a great job in their roles it's really not a big issue. And the ending is fantastic, it took what had been a very good movie and made it great. It's definitely a very powerful ending that really does add a lot to the overall package and how it tied everything up. Granted the ending isn't exactly happy but that doesn't make it any less great. Anyway this is a great movie with a great story and some outstanding performances from Nick Nolte and James Coburn.

John A (it) wrote: Based on the 1967 Cold War novel by Leon Uris, the film is about a French intelligence agent who becomes entangled in the Cold War politics of the events leading up to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and later the breakup of an international Russian spy ring in France. The story is closely based on the 1962 Sapphire Affair, which involved the head of French Intelligence SDECE in the United States. Once again Hitchcock shows off his versatility as a director with this political thriller. Although one of Hitchcock's weaker films, its still quite a decent film, sadly the atmosphere isn't here, but it does feature solid performances and a solid script. The films running time is slightly too long, sadly this slow burn thriller drags in places mainly caused by the pacing and trying to string the films run time to over 2 hours.

Kat w (fr) wrote: needs a negative stars option for rating!!WORST MOVIE EVER!!! horrible plot, disjointed, can't believe Jamie Lynn Seigler was in this career ender! Don't even waste your time like I won't waste mine explaining my negative review. I shouldn't have wasted the time finishing the movie.

Cameron W (fr) wrote: On Golden Pond is a beautiful film that I dont think anyone can resist being emotionally attached to. It's not the greatest film ever made, and it doesn't feel very original, but it is without a doubt perfectly executed, marvelously acted, gorgeously photographed. Every frame stirs up a certain kind of emotion, and it isn't trite melodramatic emotions; it strikes deep and complex emotions, emotions that we all can relate to, it just may take more searching to find that connection. And many say that Fonda didnt deserve best actor for this performance, but I have seen many of his films and this is his most complete and heart-touching performance.

Spencer P (fr) wrote: Has delightful Brazilian colors, punchy original songs, and a nice amount of laughs; but there's barely a moral that can be identified, other than don't poach.