Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

An uptight NYC lawyer takes her two teenagers to her hippie mother's farmhouse upstate for a family vacation.

An uptight NYC lawyer takes her two teenagers to her hippie mother's farmhouse upstate for a family vacation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (br) wrote: One of the great cinematic magic tricks that I've had the pleasure of seeing. What is real? What is fabrication? The truth is that I don't really think we're too discern which is which. We, as the audience, are simply left to surmise what we will from the powerful cinema at hand. It's a film about cinema; about the deeply sad information and deeply hopeful misinformation in cinema. For such a breathlessly ravishing and awe-inspiring piece of surrealism, it really is a quite sad movie. But perhaps that's the point, that, for all the magic and possibility in the movies, it's made by people, and we're all, on a fundamental level, yearning for a real reason and purpose that can't be found outside of, in my opinion, the objective Truth that exists right in front of us in this harrowing story called life.

Marcus Y (mx) wrote: With such attractive leads, more could have been done with this film and it's train wreck of an ending.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Great performances by Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, and Paddy Considine. It's more than just a love story. My Summer of Love follows Mona, a young woman who has been dumped by her married boyfriend and feels abandoned by the only family she has left due to his conversion to Christianity. She lives in a bar and doesn't have much. While out on her bike that doesn't have a motor, she meets Tamsin while she's riding a horse down the road. These two are obviously from different economic situations; Tamsin has it all and Mona wants more. Throughout the film, Tamsin seems quite bored. Even when she's giving her clothing to Mona she couldn't care less. The director is careful to make sure the only moments she shows anything is when she's actually happy to be with Mona. On the other side, Mona is completely wrapped up in every second she spends with Tamsin. Finally, a person pays attention to her and seems to love her. She's blinded by wanting something so badly. We as an audience put on our disbelief from what we're seeing because Mona deserves a break. But it seems like everyone's hiding here. Phil hides behind his Christianity because he's scared of his violent side. He throws Christ into his life and becomes the leader of a group of Christians. He builds a cross and brings it to the top of a hill. He pours out all the booze in the bar. Phil wants to be a changed man so badly that he decides to fake it. This isn't an easy answer of "he was faking it the whole time." No, Phil wants so badly to believe there is an all loving God and redemption from his evil ways, but he doesn't realize it will take hard work rather than just faith. Mona hides behind the love that she has found with Tamsin because she doesn't want to be alone. She wants so badly to have someone there that she fakes being in love because it feels nice to have someone pay attention to her. I think Tamsin is the same way, but boredom also plays a role for her. I don't think she was pretending the whole time. If this was the case then she wouldn't have gone out to apologize to Mona before she left for boarding school. It is startling when we see Sadie in the house. The scene when Tamsin tells the story of her sister dying from anorexia and cries makes Mona connect to her, and makes us connect to her as well. When we see her we have also been duped. It's very well done. I'm still not sure about the change in Mona in the end. Has she finally just lost it? She's tired of everyone using her, so she becomes violent like her brother? In France a crime of passion is not convicted. If this took place in France I'm sure it would have ended differently. However, I don't think everything plays out as smoothly as it could have. It kept me connected, but sometimes I didn't get the jumping from scene to scene. Overall, My Summer of Love was an interesting film about what we hide behind rather than just another love story.

Jobert D (ca) wrote: A glimpse at what made Pryor tick, his personal demons, and what made him the funniest mother fucka to ever walk the earth...

Naoya K (kr) wrote: A great story about true love between brothers and their salvation. DeNiro and Duvall playing brothers - it's more than perfect casting and enough reason to watch this film for at least once. Their performances, especially in the scene which they both are in, are great. The setting is also very attractive - 50s L.A., the two brothers one became a cop and another a priest, greedy and political priests, homicide investigation... It's great to watch this one with "L.A. Confidential," since this is not only a great human drama but a police investigation mystery. Quite similar to DePalma's "Black Dahlia" in quite many points, but this film is definitely better. Cinematography is also superb. However, I don't think Georges Delerue (I personally love him as a composer) was the best choice for soundtrack.

monsieur r (nl) wrote: Compare this to the present An Education. Its the same thing, only 60 years earlier. What a rip off by Education. Adored Rita in this film, but the fast talking Redgrave and locals weren't always easy to understand. The camera work and dialog wasn't always smooth and reminded me of A Hard Days Night, another black and white sixties film. This is, at least to me, an improbable story about a girl interested in a mature older man twice her age. He's divorced and she lives in Dublin with a girlfriend, living in their apartment and speaking that Irish accent that sounds like leprichons. I swear, I could not understand most of the dialog in the film. You don't know how she got off the farm away from her folks, but supposedly to go to a parochial school. Although presented initially as a shy and introverted person, she becomes the opposite around her room mate and this man. While I looked forward to seeing this film, I could not make it to the end without stopping it and doing something else. It did not hold my attention even though I much about it, primarily the actors. Why or how can this be? I do not know. It is something about the sound I think. I noticed that it appeared that the voices were dubbed. The actors speaking usually seemed disembodied. I have witnessed this phenomena before and it is always disconcerting. It's as if there were no microphones on set. The whole relationship and therefore the plot is a reach. I could only hope for a girl half my age being interested in me. I onced dated a girl a two-thirds my age and after a month found her unbearable and silly. This relationship was doomed from the start, unfortunately, but it started so wonderfully. A coming of age movie in black and white and regretfully became hard to watch as every minute passed by. Peter Finch, as the older man, is as good as he ever was in this one.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Maybe I went into this film with my expectations too high, or maybe it is a cultural divide but I didn't get it. The plot, from what I had read, was the maid gains the upper hand after sleeping with the head of the house. One hour and forty seven minutes later and I never once saw her with the upper hand and the also did a poor job of making me feel sorry for someone who was sleeping with someone she knew was married. In fact they would have done better making me feel something for the wife who seemed genuinely naive about how this family has operated for generations. What the maid did in the end was so absurd I had to see how many minutes were left because I didn't know how much more of this I could take. Believe me when I say you are in for a real "she sure showed them" moment. And yes, that was 100% sarcasm. This movie was truly a waste of film, the acting wasn't great, the script wasn't great, and the plot which had promised wasn't delivered upon. It failed on all levels.

Debbie R (ag) wrote: Still my favorite film after 40 years. No matter how many times I watch it, the fiery beauty of Vivien Leigh, the sexy smirk of Clark Gable, the endearing humor of Hattie McDaniel, the understated strength of Olivia DeHavilland, the hauntingly brilliant score of Max Steiner, the glorious 1939 Technicolor and the enduring, frustrating, tempestuous novel conceived by Margaret Mitchell, I still cannot tear myself away, even though I know I will end up in tears hoping for a different ending. There is always hope that Rhett and Scarlett will find a way to forgive, understand and love which is strangely uplifting.

Grant H (mx) wrote: Very good movie. Suspenseful, intense, with great performances from the cast, especially Gooding, Jr. and Spacey.