Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine

The film portrays the life of a hitman with an interest in such things as fascism, S&M, collecting erotic literature, Doctor Who, and philosophy. The plot concerns the assassin being given a contract on a controversial author.

In one night, seven homeless youngsters, all connected to social worker Paul Decker, are killed by professionals. One of the killers, Daniel, gets a new mission to kill a writer. It's only that he really likes his book. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (it) wrote: "Nostalgia for the Light" is an impressive and powerful cine-essay from Patricio Guzman that is marred only by some unnecessary effects work, especially considering the naturally spectacular Atacama Desert of Chile which resembles Mars on display.(So, I would not be surprised if it has ever been used as a location for a science fiction movie.) Its height of 5,000 meters is optimum for the use of telescopes to look backwards into the history of the cosmos.(To the film's credit, there is one astoundingly mindbending bit of metaphysics arguing that due to the speed of light, there is no true present.) As we are informed, this is in a country that going back to colonial times has had a problem with how it views its past. This continues to the present day's challenges with how it deals with the mass killings committed under the Pinochet dictatorship. With the desert's total lack of humidity(the only place on earth like this), it preserves ancient artifacts extremely well, not to mention more recent bodies that were dumped there(one is found during filming) in the hope of never being found again. However, an intrepid group of volunteers carry on their neverending search to find closure for themselves and loved ones. In the end, one has to come to terms with the past before one can look to the future and maybe eventually to the stars.

Mixael X (ru) wrote: Frightening documentary of when tabloid entertainment for the illiterate masses made it to reality.

Alan N (mx) wrote: A generally well made and enjoyable film. It manages to avoid the hackneyed dialogue of most films (I don't think there was a single one-liner), and the actors are good.

ystein E (jp) wrote: tynn story! Ikkje kjedelig, men longt derifr bra! gode skodespelara, men de hjelpe lite her...

Ethan P (jp) wrote: The stylistic violence is often extended beyond what it needs to be and some of Nicolas Cage's characters antics are truly bizarre, but he and John Travolta's interplay and their ability to portray the other make this truly unique film worth watching.

Mehmet E (it) wrote: In this movie this is one my top ten favorite films from SRK

Mike S (fr) wrote: Very very very 80's blended. A little too much 1980's incorporated into the film. It has suspense and a few scares, but overall it was too bland and didn't do anything spectacular. The direction of the film was just not very good.

Pranav K (it) wrote: great idea and good performances by everyone; new perspective and new motives to support your country are interesting and enlightening

Dan P (gb) wrote: Loved this as a child, the knives and forks chained to the table in the cafe, classic!

Ryan G (ru) wrote: One of the first great psychological war dramas. Which is interesting because I know Hemingway hated it.Had a change of heart. Changed from 2 and a half stars.

Diana W (it) wrote: See King Creole! Both wonderfully showcase Elvis' worthiness as an actor! Don't be misled by either poster. These are both serious dramas with few songs!

Greg W (jp) wrote: good rom-com/black comedy