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Pedro torrent reviews

David A (mx) wrote: Didn't know what to expect from a small, lower budget independent film like NUMB and was pleasantly surprised. Solid acting, some great scenes and a plot line that keeps one engaged. Having worked in Canada's north, the slow progression of what cold can do to the human body is chillingly accurate (pun intended). Good film, worth seeing!

Ryan W (it) wrote: Some great names just a pity about the direction of the film which goes south quickly

Omar M (es) wrote: Amusing low budget Anaconda ripoff that relishes in its camp. Cheesy acting and effects make this a more entertaining creature feature than what we usually get.Pros: Decent effects for its budget, campy fun, Englund and Van Dien chew scenery, some nudity.Cons: Not as fun as I wanted it to be, the main lead is bland, some bad effects here and there, anticlimactic ending.

The S (nl) wrote: There's something quite Shakespearean about this enjoyable tale of dodgy international double dealing, sinister plotters, power and biological succession. Played for laughs and generally played very well by an excellent cast of mainly Brits. Oh, and in case we need more evidence that it's a Brit flick, they've even spelt the title right.

Harry E (gb) wrote: This is a pretty bad movie, but it's rather compelling if you're interested in the transitions in adaptation from stage to screen and in 'film-within-a-film' narrative techniques. The main story, the Joseph story, is presented as a 'play' (although actually a film with theatrical set-pieces) performed for schoolchildren, who are the 'outer' audience yet also participate in the 'play' as Joseph enters their environment and they enter the performance at certain points. The narrator occupies both worlds as well. The adults in the 'outer' environment are the same actors who play the characters in the 'inner' story ( la 'The Wizard of Oz'), and a running joke is that, although the children are the engaged audience, a good deal of the visual humor is sexual innuendo meant for adult appreciation. The musical numbers are competently performed representations of different genres, and some of the sets are reminiscent of Ken Russell, though obviously not as good as the real thing. Richard Attenborough doesn't really have to do much; he just kind of sits there. He's the most experienced artist in this thing, and he seems content to sit back, mildly amused, and watch the goings-on.

Reed R (ru) wrote: The unforgettable Arch Hall Jr. stars in a mix of my favorite crap sub-genres: teen exploitation and rock and roll cheapie.

Michael G (au) wrote: Generally obvious with a good cast. Myrna Loy is so cute in this movie it actually hurts. The star power is the only thing worthwhile in a tale of jealousy and workaholics. The supporting role from Jimmy Stewart made me kind of sad--namely the scene towards the end where he calls Harlow. Wife Vs. Secretary isn't the slapstick comedy I was expecting, but worth watching if only for the cast and set design.

David O (gb) wrote: A well-constructed popcorn flick with characters with personalities. It has its heart and mind in the right place, no wonder this film is a modern classic!