The story follows what happens when a child psychologist surprises his girlfriend by showing up at her political family's annual get-together at their Sag Harbor vacation home only to find them desperately in need of therapy.

Sparks fly when Wade Walker crashes the Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's hand in marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jed D (it) wrote: "Syfy, makes the funnest movies!" Entertaining throughout but lacking in overall impact. The shark is barely visable and there are too many survivors.

Tom M (br) wrote: Excellent example of how people with invisible disabilities get treated, overwhelmed, and treated by loved ones. Very well played. Also loved how she learned to overcome it and live her life. Bravo

Gonalo D (jp) wrote: Dos o tres segmentos y actuaciones interesantes en esta incursion al cine britnico del maestro Wong Kar-Wai, aunque si no hubiera visto su nombre en los titulos ni me hubiera acercado.

Maythe H (mx) wrote: even though it didn't make a great success in the market, i personally loved this movie.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: To this day, i still don't understand how this movie received so much bad reviews. Like really, what did these people expected from the film? i saw a lot of people complaining about the story plot, i saw this film like thousands time, i see nothing wrong with it, it continued where ever Rush Hour 2 left off. Even they missed a lot of plot holes, for God's sake, it's a freaking comedy film!! which i'm pretty sure, it kept everyone entertained, it made everyone laugh their butt off, isn't that the whole point of watching a comedy film?? This movie was so funny all around from start to end, i really can't choose what was my favorite part. The Rush Hour trilogy is my favorite comedy film series of all-time.? Honestly they should make Rush Hour 4, Tucker and Chan has such a chemistry together

Eric W (jp) wrote: the best love story EVER !!

Jason S (gb) wrote: its pretty good movie

Martn N (de) wrote: No hay palabra que explique la perfeccin de esta peli

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Bheema D (ag) wrote: While the teenage actors show (almost) excessive amounts of appropriate emotions, the adult actors seem stoic and statuesque. Every plot point in this movie seems to be intensely overtly conventional, but every scene in this movie is as effective at getting under your skin as any King or Craven film. Some will look at these contradictions, most will probably, and see the film as a mess. But Da Ca$hman saw in these contradictions a very interesting and meta allegory for the contrast of love and murder in this film. To love is to be so incredibly emotional and to show empathy, but to murder is to have no emotions and show no empathy. Love will most likely blossom in teenage years, and hate, the fuel for murder, will most likely blossom in adult years. But if you're not going to be convinced this is deep in any way, shape or form, you'll still highly appreciate this movie if you're a slasher buff, or just an 80s baby in general.

Barry L (br) wrote: Superb and very powerful

Logan M (nl) wrote: Snowballing into one suspenseful turn after another, "Frenzy" proves to be a late, but skillful effort from Alfred Hitchcock.

Aljane C (nl) wrote: Rather poor all round....thankfully this was the last of the Disney type features

Tim B (de) wrote: I just got this I-Pad app called Movie Vault, that allows me to stream all these old b-movies for free. It's like a little bit of Christmas for me. Anyway, there are already some pretty funny reivews of this movie, so I won't go on too much about it. It's a fun bad monster movie. Certainly not a hall of famer, but there are worse ways to spend it's 60 minute running time.

Jonathan P (kr) wrote: I guess it might have been a fun drive in flick to take your girl too, but now it is just a typical shabby produced and boring movie.

David L (it) wrote: Key Largo is very well made, visually pleasing, sometimes emotional and it has such a great performance from Claire Trevor who deserved her Oscar here, but the movie is so dull, so uninspired and typical and filled with really forgettable characters that it disappointed me a lot.

Ken S (au) wrote: "Dogma" is a wonderful fantasy comedy from Kevin Smith that really poses a lot of great religious questions and concepts into a gross out dark comedy. I think the one thing that keeps "Dogma" from being truly exceptional is the budget and the effects, which sadly looked dated fairly soon after the film's release. The whole cast is pretty great, with only Fiorentino being (at times) pretty weak (I suspect he uneven performance is due to her uneven relationship with Smith). I'm not a believer, but Smith at least had me suspending my disbelief for religion here, and despite any flaws I can see in the film, I still really do enjoy it.