Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar

Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar

Ajay saves Anju in a fall from a mountain height, it is love at first sight. He doesn't know that she is engaged, and they don't know they have a past together.

Ajay saves Anju in a fall from a mountain height, it is love at first sight. He doesn't know that she is engaged, and they don't know they have a past together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aswin W (es) wrote: This was a ok film well only when theres nothing on. The storyline in this was seemed average however the it shouldn't have done by handheld camera in most parts it looked bad. Apart from that the tale of these two characters weren't intimitading..interesting. Just yap, yap and its one of those movies watched only once.

scott j (gb) wrote: really good film..really enjoyed it especially since I picked it up for 1 lol

Renee L (kr) wrote: I chose this movie because I love Lili Taylor and I liked Guy Pearce in Memento. It is definitely a 90s movie, and as such is probably a little less interesting today than it was in 1999. I liked it because the main character (Taylor) is honest, forthright, and true to her values and decisions (however odd they may be.) In a society of grungy followers, Evie needs only her own approval to feel whole with herself and right with her decisions.

Cameron F (ag) wrote: Young cop is recruited to police aliens in this sci-fi comedy adaptation. Although entertaining in brief moments, the plot seems pedestrian and the direction feels sloppy and at times, forced.

arshi r (ag) wrote: Grade: C The Tagline for this film is "One bride, two grooms, and 34 flying Elvis'." I'll just take the part showing the flying Elvis', Andrew Bergman can have the rest of his film back. Honeymoon in Vegas is a sort of comedy version of Indecent Proposal, except it's not very funny. I'd call it a failed comedy. Nicholas Cage plays a hapless detective with commitment issues, because his mom frightened him about the horrors of married life apparently. But when he is forced to choose by his girlfriend, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, he is forced to man up, take her to Vegas and tie the knot. Enter a high rolling gambler who seems like he may have mob connections, played rather amusingly by James Caan. He sees SJP and it's like BAM! He sees in her the same physical features that his deceased wife had, and he wants her. Caan's character is the most interesting person in the film, but even he has the most obvious two sides; cunning and asshole. So after swindling Cage, Caan gets to spend the weekend trying to make SJP fall in love with her. Caan has an assistant named Johhny Sandwich, (played by Johnny Williams), who is mostly not funny, but maybe with one or two decent jokes. The late Peter Boyle shows up in a cameo as well, but even he is not funny here. Pat Morita (the teacher from Karate Kid) also shows up in a cameo as a taxi driver who both hinders and helps Cage's character. Most of the comedy in the film seems stale and so contrived you will notice how obviously things seem to move forward, and what parts were skipped or glossed over so the next plot points could be rushed in. I felt like I accidentally hit the fast-forward button or something, but really the film was just skipping itself, for which I can't complain too much; at least it's in a rush to finish, right? All I know is I was playing connect the plot dots while watching this film, and I beat the film to the finish line by at least an hour and 8 minutes, and its only 1hour and 37 minutes long. Oh, I didn't tell you the names of the characters in the film...but it doesn' matter.

Sydney C (fr) wrote: One the funniest film ever.

Wayne M (mx) wrote: Mississippi Grind is a beautifully realised film about friendship, gambling and consequences. Both leads are excellent as two men who create a connection in Iowa and then travel to New Orleans to find their dreams. This film has immaculate flow and timing as effortlessly portrays addiction and following your dreams. Backed by an excellent Blues soundtrack it's an excellent look into ordinary people facing their demons and conquering their fears.

Jenna I (au) wrote: This was refreshingly good. There's plenty that's cliche about the characters, but both the acting and the directing really manage to pull it through. Shirley MacLaine really pushes what she's given to the limits and manages to create a real 3D person. Then the scenes where they're just doing things in real time, such as burying the bodies, pulling the arrow out or planting the bomb, are really held up by dynamic character interaction and become the more fascinating than the plot. (Though I will say the plot was refreshingly enjoyable as well.) All in all, exceeded my expectations for both Don Siegel and Eastwood.