Pekata Paparao

Pekata Paparao

An irresponsible man, who does not care about his family members and is addicted to gambling, spends most of his time at the club. He falls in love with a woman and marries; later finds out that she is a cop.

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Alex V (fr) wrote: Cute and Dorky little average comedy. No harm.

Khalid A (fr) wrote: Superbly crafted, edgy characters...this Chinese Sherlock Holmes is really fun!

Norman F (mx) wrote: This was sublime! What a masterpiece!

David G (mx) wrote: Aside from the ambiguous ending, which I'm sure they thought was artsy...but which I just found unnecessary...a pretty solid indie sci-fi. This one leaves you with a few questions about memory, and justice, and being a parent.Let's call it, Dreamscape meets Minority Report, but that's really focusing more on the technology than the tone. Extracted may actually have more in common with something like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Steve W (gb) wrote: I enjoyed Yamada's Samurai films, but this drama is too dreary and slow to enjoy. It does showcase the political fervor and changing landscape during wartime, but it drags on and on, with only a few good scenes of her strong will to not divorce her husband. Despite the great acting and set design, this is one of Yoji Yamada's weaker efforts.

Deven W (it) wrote: CGI is good but this film is all over the place

Jessica H (au) wrote: A crazy alternative western flick where chicks get they way.

Jeff W (ag) wrote: Fairly entertaining and super cheesey offering from Franco during a time that he was making nothing but garbage. Really nice cast with the gorgeous Brigitte Lahaie and Caroline Munroe as well as the hammy Telly Savals. Laughable (in a good way) f/x and a great theme song round this one out.

Brendan O (nl) wrote: This was kinda a weird movie, people trend to exaggerated how bat-sh*t insane some movies can be. With Santa Claus, no review can properly convey the sheer madness, its almost inspiring.

William S (ag) wrote: This is probably the most original horror/thriller that has come out in 2009. I highly recommend this as a post-Halloween films when you are still in the mood for horror, but you are wanting something different and halfway intelligent.

Rangan R (au) wrote: Inside the Hollywood, from the young generation perspective.The original series had a quite successful run for almost a decade. I haven't seen that, after seeing this film now I want to try it. So this movie is like a bonus episode for its fans, and for the cast and crew it was a reunion for the one last time. But I want a sequel, because I kind of liked it without familiarity with the original story and its characters. Anyway, it did not give me any trouble in understanding, particular this story. But obviously I know I am missing something in those scenes that directly has something to do with the series.What a simple tale about the film industry. It actually centered on a bunch of Hollywood actors and producers. When a lead actor wanted to direct his next film for the new production house, he gets a green signal, but the problem arises after production halts in the half way due to exceeding the original budget. All the struggle they go through, especially the studio head who acts between the filmmakers and their financiers is what narrated in this film.I don't know what they thought of this those who saw the series, but to me it was a pretty good comedy. Because I had no pressure to expect or to compare it with the original material like they do. The cast was wonderful. I got quite an unexpected and enjoyable twist. Since it was related to the motion pictures, some big film personalities' cameo brightened the overall film. If you want your watch to be a perfect, go through from the beginning, but like I did, you too can have a good time without viewing the series. That's not a recommendation, but a small suggestion.7/10