Pekka ja Pätkä ketjukolarissa

Pekka ja Pätkä ketjukolarissa


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Kim B (nl) wrote: Starts off very slow and boring. Picks up as it goes along with drama and plotting. The dog is quite wonderful as a side character and i liked how they played with sound in a dream. Thats just it this movie has some charms and quirks but just missed the mark on the whole. i find this movie overrated and quite honestly too copy cattish. I know this movie is an ode to silent films but it didn't really add much in terms of originality. It borrows heavily from sunset blvd, singing in the rain, and a star is born. Also most silent films have more dialogue or action than this movie-too bland.

Anthony A (br) wrote: It seems rare to see an actual Japanese film be based on World War II, but this one was based on the home front, a Japanese soldier who lost all of his limbs in battle, returned home and is considered a war god. The "war god" having been an abuser of his wife, prior to his deployment, still seemed to make her life miserable which made the film itself have an unsettling feel to it, but overall, it wasn't a bad film, but it wasn't really a good one at that.

Nathan G (kr) wrote: Pretty fun film overall wasnt expecting too much in the way of FX or storyline but it did better than most. The stereotypical characters you'd find in these kinds of films are exaggerated quite a bit especially Ray Wise's character. Good enough to warrant watching at least once but probably not more than that.

Scott J (us) wrote: [font=arial][size=-1] [b]ambitious premise, but painful to watch[/b][/size][/font] [font=arial][size=-1] The main character, Lukas, works as a highway toll booth person, and develops a curiosity in the holocaust after an encounter with a survivor who passes through his lane. This curiosity quickly turns psychotic, as he becomes feverishly addicted to the stories of holocaust survivors. The movie is made all the more excruciating to watch by the flatness of Lukas's character. The source of his original trauma presumably being re-enacted is suggested, but never unpacked making his character rather superficial.[/size][/font]

Nathaniel R (ru) wrote: ok wicked movie i liked it!!

Ted W (nl) wrote: A combination of all that's good and bad in this era of cop thrillers. Paxton literally chews scenery as Dale the Hurricane and Billy Bob is sufficiently redneck psycho for the role. Oh, and did I mention that there are slick LA cops working with a goofy but savvy Arkansas lawman accompanied by a bluesy guitar and harmonica soundtrack?

Hugh H (jp) wrote: Great story told by a wonderful cast. Doesn't really fit neatly into any category. At various times it's funny sad exciting and romantic. Hughly recommended!

David J (jp) wrote: Sick awesome film!!!

Alex K (fr) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Justin M (ag) wrote: The first great talkie. Mamoulian takes a hokey story and makes it great by taking chance after chance. The greatest directorial debut this side of Citizen Kane. And Fuller Mellish Jr. is pretty much the greatest name out there.

Margarita S (it) wrote: A charming and sentimental love story. What it lacks in sophistication with its element of time travel, it makes up for in likeable characters, subtle humour and gentle thematic messaging. Its divergence from the expected romantic-comedy formula is initially a little strange and potentially off-putting, but ultimately turns out to be a refreshing change. You'll need a box of Kleenex for this one.

Lew I (br) wrote: total no brainer, what the hell is Gunnar doing here?? a few tits and ass don't make up for a mediocre film

Max W (gb) wrote: It's so bad it's good.