Pekka ja Pätkä puistotäteinä

Pekka ja Pätkä puistotäteinä


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Pekka ja Pätkä puistotäteinä torrent reviews

Ahmed M (ca) wrote: The film tries it's best to keep you entertained, but fails to do that. The acting of Jaden Smith doesn't help it either.

ji h (au) wrote: This documentary has all the emotional ups and downs of a finely crafted screenplay. I never thought I'd weep and cheer about a subatomic particle.

Debanjan C (br) wrote: movie started of well...but then it got messed up sumwhere..acting was poor..but action sequences were the only saving grace for this movie!

Kisaan T (us) wrote: Not the story of the superhero, but the story of an extraordinary boy whose powers are recognized only by few people first, then the boy falls in love, then he travels abroad for his love, then few songs come at intervals, and then the action comes in last half hour of the film. Only a one time watch.

Ian H (us) wrote: Superb actors and actresses, but this was too much for me: I had to turn it off after an hour or so, and there were times before I wanted to but thought I better give it a go. Perhaps just me, but I found the themes of incest far too much for me to watch.

Roddy T (ca) wrote: I liked this. Reminded me of Lost Highway, The Vanishing, the Pledge and quite a few Cohen brother films.

David J (au) wrote: I really liked this film. The film drew me in.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Le premier film de George Gallo est une tres bonne comedie familiale situee dans Little Italy, aussi souvent drole que touchante, portee par un duo d'acteurs (Danny Aiello & Anthony LaPaglia) excellents et un supporting cast qui l'est tout autant. La bande-son, composee de chansons de Tony Bennett et Dean Martin est un peu clichetonne mais toujours efficace, si l'on excepte son score, qui pue le telefilm M6.

Susan S (de) wrote: Most people will hate this. I think its pure genius!

corey s (de) wrote: With these things running around I never want to go to space! Alien should be in the top 5 horror movies out all time . Everything from the Alien busting out of the guys chest to the scene where he comes down after the guy who is looking for his cat. Just like the Predator the Alien has became an icon . I know the nest one Alien: Covenant is due to come out soon I hope it can come close to this movie or even the second flick.

Beth S (de) wrote: I could listen to Bing sing and watch Fred dance all day.

Jason S (fr) wrote: One of the best films I've ever seen and my favorite Michael Shannon performance.