Pekka ja Pätkä sammakkomiehinä

Pekka ja Pätkä sammakkomiehinä


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Pekka ja Pätkä sammakkomiehinä torrent reviews

Tony S (au) wrote: Watched it on Yahoo Screen for free and today is the last day you can see it. Well worth it.

Paula C (de) wrote: It was pretty good. Not boring or dumb. I love Luis Guzman!

Judge L (ag) wrote: Very powerful performances turned in by Walker and Strathairn, but the story just doesn't deliver. Watch 'American History X' instead.

Lydia T (ca) wrote: Andy Lau's costume is a bit hard to swallow, but it does not affect the appeal of the movie overall.

Holly F (us) wrote: A beautiful movie, I'm glad that a new Hercules movie was made and a better one at that. Although the Hercules tv series will always be the best. We get to see the tragedy of Hercule's past and his relationship with the golden deer woman.

Kimberly P (ru) wrote: Not the best acting from Emma Bing and kind of cheesy, but it's a heartfelt movie that rings true for a lot of punk drug addicts. Worth the watch. You definitely feel for the characters.