Pempti & 12

Pempti & 12

Eftihis, after being fired from his job, tries to find a new one in Greece, while the economic crisis is at its peak. Along his 'adventure' he meets two people with different morals who mentor him through life.

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Rick G (ru) wrote: this movie is a waste of time and money. hopefully people who see this movie don't think that it in any way represents Canadian hockey.

Brian S (gb) wrote: This flick stands out in many ways, none of them good. Let's start with the title; there's no werewolf in this. Instead, the monster in this pathetic attempt at a horror film is chupacabra, a Mexican beast whose name translates as "goat-sucker." That's entirely appropriate, for this movie does, in fact, suck goats.The monster itself not only isn't scary, it makes the rubber-suited creatures of Japanese kaiju look positively realistic by comparison. What we get here is a person dressed up in fur and an enormous rubber head, running about on all fours and making growling noises. You've seen better costumes worn by short people shouting "trick or treat" at your door on October 31. The director tries to cover for the low-budget attempt at a scare by editing the creature to be seen only in quick flashes for most of the film. It doesn't help. The only thing scary in this one is the performance of Sara Erikson as Jill, a character so annoying and played with such "omigawd!" irksomeness that the viewer will be hoping that the chupacabra gets to her ASAP. Sadly, no, it doesn't.The flick lacks even internal consistency. In one scene, the chupacabra can move so quickly that it appears only as a soft blur snatches a dog from before its owner. A few scenes later, one of the lead characters can outrun the thing. There's a subplot about the main character's parents hating Mexicans, but the father looks Latino himself.Oh, why bother? There's noting good here. Every attempt at either fear or humor falls flat due to lousy writing and even worse acting. If your idea of entertainment is watching acting so stiff and monotonous that the actors could be reading from a teleprompter as they're hunted down by the equivalent of the villain from a 1950's wild gorilla drive-in flick, this is the movie for you. If not, then stay far, far away from this Mexican "werewolf" goat-sucker.

Bloodmarsh K (gb) wrote: A rubber alien terrorizes a group of loud and obnoxious friends.

Stephen R (br) wrote: Good, odd buddy/veangence movie. Hard to find, though.

Srn G (au) wrote: ?g myndi segja a etta vri fyrsta "ekta" Almodvar-myndin.

Andrew N (mx) wrote: I will never have enough Jackie Chan.

Amanda (ca) wrote: Great Czechoslovakian film from the 70s in the communist era, where comrades, even apart of the party, are sincerely paranoid. In this case, we see Ludvik and Anna seeing suspicious actions of other party members, weird things and thinking the 'Ear' is always listening in their houses, and that nowhere in their own home is safe to talk in private. It's definitely an interesting movie with some pretty cool occurrences. It's also pretty entertaining to watch as it is pretty suspenseful, and yet an entreating psychological thriller. It is really interesting to see how being apart of the harsh communist party was - or so they say, that people become so seemingly paranoid. It was pretty cool to connect the flashbacks of Ludvik to then think that he'll be next, to disappear suddenly. I quite enjoyed it.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Not bad. It felt pretty typical throughout in some places, but it was still a pretty decent film though. Good voice cast, including Seth Rogen playing one of my favorite monsters in the film, B.O.B. I did also laugh a good amount during this, so it's comedic level was pretty good. Most parts were good in this one, but some of it felt a bit average to me also. I wouldn't really consider this a hit, but it's still a nice new animated feature out there to maybe consider, with some good action and neat visuals for a slight mediocre film.

James H (mx) wrote: What a terrific and chilling film! Also known as "The Creeping Unknown". Great cast, genuinely eerie. The acting is quite good, especially Brian Donlevy. This must have been amazing in 1955.

Chloe S (gb) wrote: Very crude, absolutely horrible. Sad to see such raunchy movies these days.