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Michael W (kr) wrote: Rising junior national girls tennis hopeful at a tournament in Sarasota. Notable for starring Canada's original tennis darling, Carling Bassett, who would make it up to #8 in the world rankings. Produced by her father, John Bassett. Film's poster misleadingly depicts three beach partyers who do not resemble anyone in the actual film.

Kat B (jp) wrote: A true life story that reads like fiction, captured in full-colour on film, Watch if you're a lover of the ethos or fashion of the 1960s/70s (and aren't prudish about nudity!)

Jacob Z (de) wrote: Brilliant stuff. Jaw dropping ending.

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: Fairly insignificant movie. The dialogue and pacing doesn't rattle any emotions. There is some suspense and action, but you're only tagging along and not truly invested. Rating: 7 / 10

head s (br) wrote: And again only Stephen Chow can do this. Exaggerate a subject matter and make it funny as hell.

Dave R (kr) wrote: Bargain basement Indiana Jones starring the hirsute Tom Selleck and the most non-babelicious Bess Armstrong.

Aaron G (au) wrote: While the effects are dated, it is still a fun ride if you are into Greek mythology. The story is pretty straightforward with cool action scenes here and there. I do love the main actor as Percius. The one thing I can say is some of it felt rushed.

Bill B (it) wrote: Stillman continues to make watchable overly stylized films that I love, though I think I may prefer the banter to be coming out of male characters to females, as it did grate on me a few times here, where I'm somewhat accustomed to such asshole-ry from his males.Weird, eh?Worth a rental.

Sherry M (mx) wrote: Terrible. Boring. Ridiculous long. The only thing good about it was cut direction. Who wants to watch 3 1/2 hrs of a hero who's most heroic action is running away?

Tiffany L (ag) wrote: Only because Chris Evans.

Jason R (ca) wrote: Garbage Storyline ..would get no stars... BUT-One star for The women dancing in the movie ;)