Peng! Du bist tot!

Peng! Du bist tot!

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Peng! Du bist tot! torrent reviews

Keith S (it) wrote: Very very very silly

Regine L (nl) wrote: ???????????????????????????

Private U (jp) wrote: Gale Harold was good, but I really like him in Queer as Folk.

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: Superbad is a coming-of-age movie in a class by itself.

Kara H (de) wrote: Amazing that he did this, the concept is great. He stuck to his promise. I just wasn't that entertained by the results.

Susan M (br) wrote: I'm shocked, now that I saw this, that the critics overall gave it such low ratings. It tells me that most of them didn't really follow the film well, nor did they deeply understand the truth of what was being communicated. I thought it was extremely well-done. I also hope that they and others who really seek may have the amazing priviledge of having such a great teacher and powerful experience. It is true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am grateful for having had such a teacher myself.

Rick R (ca) wrote: Bandidas (2006)Does anybody feel like some hot Latina action-comedy? Look no further than this movie. And, who are the two most beautiful latinas in the world? Spain's Penelope Cruz and Mexico's Salma Hayek come to mind.Basically, this is just a predictable buddy picture set in the old west, very similar to the old 1965 movie, "Viva Maria". This movie is written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, who seem to always make good action pictures.The basic plot is that a New York bank want to set up a railroad across Mexico and they buy up banks and hire a gunman, Tyler Jackson (Dwight Yoakam) to muscle-out farmers from the land in their way.Maria Alvarez (Cruz) and Sara Sandoval (Hayek) are two women who are forced into becoming a bank-robbing/Robin Hood duo. They are trained in robbing banks and shooting guns by their mentor, Bill Buck (Sam Shepard) and they meet a scientist Quentin (Steve Zahn) who is something of a forensics pioneer. Rumor has it that Zahn did the movie for free just so he could be in a bedroom scene with Cruz and Hayek. :-) I wouldn't hardly blame him.It's a fun little movie.

Shimorinkumo H (de) wrote: With humor, pathos and a subtle social message, "Tokyo Godfathers" makes for a gritty yet touching anime film that stays with you.

Kevin J (ca) wrote: Killing people paid to guard the property is no problem because he's "protecting" the environment. But wait, didn't his way of shutting the thing down cause just as much contamination to the environment as letting the dang thing run? I want movies to entertain, all this thing did was make me extremely angry!

Ben S (jp) wrote: a fantastic example of experimental technique being distilled into a fully realized film

Rick Q (gb) wrote: billy wilder's "kiss me, stupid" has all the charm and hilarity that i have come to expect from the director's comedies. it's raunchy nature may seem a little tame by today's standards, but it doesn't make the humor any less funny. fans of wilders should definitely give this one a watch.

Dan A (us) wrote: Basically Brony propaganda! No real opposition perspective, it's just "look at how much fun we're having here".

Mario S (it) wrote: Weird movie, not that scary, not very good.