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Pennpattanam torrent reviews

Leo M (jp) wrote: What a depressing ending!

Noor Z (ca) wrote: how would you deal with such pain and grieve? the loss of your son and the fact that he took so many lives on his way? who is fault is it? and where do you go from here? and the most important question is WHY?"To confront the truth, first they had to face each other."a beautiful boy, a heartbreaking movie that makes you consider how strong is your relationship with your parents, or your kids. it was worth watching and enjoyable, focused on the way the parents faced each other before facing the truth, their stressful journey to find an answer and find a way to deal with it, and how their son's death broke them apart, yet brought them together again.

Rie M (ag) wrote: great Aaron Johnson acting.. :)

Isadore H (es) wrote: RocknRolla is another European gangster film directed by Guy Ritchie. Once again, his stylistic filming is on display, and this time it has a mountain of great actors to help him out. Tom Hardy was the highlight of the film for me, in a very overlooked performance as Handsome Bob. Gerard Butler, Idris Elba, and Toby Kebbel were all fantastic as well. The plot was a little hard to follow, but it didn't need to be that special when there were so many great performances and such great camerawork. The end credits hint at a sequel that has yet to happen, and still isn't forgotten to many. I would love to see The Real RocknRolla, but for now, we have this very entertaining movie

Lu Mara (kr) wrote: Una pelicula para relajarse... por momentos olvidas que estas en una sala de cine.

Jp D (kr) wrote: Documentarian Aryana Farshad seeks out the spiritual rituals that psychically (if not physically) connect her with sacred sites in Iran, her homeland, which she hasn't visited in 25 years. Farshad documents prayer at the Great Mosque of Qum and "whirling" dervishes in Kurdistan. Her search leads her to comment on the use of religion as a buffer between the commercial tug of Western culture and the dogmatic dictates of traditional Muslim society.

Ciaran S (au) wrote: Not the worst film, but a great one

Jason P (es) wrote: Superb mini series. Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott are fantastic.

Abe F (de) wrote: Considering I have absolutely no interest in the Rolling Stones, I was completely taken aback when thoroughly immersed in that which was unfolding before me. This movie is exactly why documentaries need not have the stigma they're assigned. This, is story-telling at its absolute best.

Scot C (kr) wrote: Good concept.. But ultimately a Christmas dud. And unfortunately Robin Williams is just not his usual talented self in this film.

Mark K (ca) wrote: Moderately entertaining, yet extremely lackluster nonetheless.

Tim C (jp) wrote: Not so terrible horror movie with Boris Karloff. Kind of cheesy, but not so bad that it's unwatchable. Based on a HP Lovecraft story.

Jim L (ca) wrote: I am only giving this film 2-stars because the first 30-min were really good. The problem is the last hour was TERRIBLE. The acting was so bad it seemed like a homemade film or something you would see on late night TV in the 80's. I love horror movies, I love devil films, I hated this movie!

Roji A (ca) wrote: Loved it.. what a great feel-good movie.. :)

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Hermosa fotografa, pellcula algo sensiblera, pero todo un homenaje a Africa.

Bela V (fr) wrote: It was fun. I'd see it again.