Penny Princess

Penny Princess

A tiny European country which for years has survived financially only through evading its bills and smuggling is finally facing bankruptcy, when a rich American agrees to save the place by buying it. But before, the deal is closed, he dies. His nearest relative and heir turns out to be a young woman with high ethical and democratic standards, but no experience with money, or affairs of state, or Europe. A charming young English visitor helps her to muddle through. Comedy and romance follow.

A ordinary young American woman learns that she has become the owner of a tiny European country. Comedy and romance ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: same ole 'poltergeist' here and not well done at all

Erica T (es) wrote: Four interconnecting stories about people trying to make it day by day living in Philadelphia. This film could be a message for the health care debate this country is having right now. The character of Babo is quite possibly one of the best written and acted characters ever.

Timothy N (it) wrote: I may have chuckled a couple times, but that's my immature side that tends to laugh at fart jokes. Delta farce feels like a bunch of stand up jokes played out visually, when they should have been left at the comedy club. Even then, I doubt I would have laughed.

Thomas W (ru) wrote: This pitch black comedy from Romania about old Mr. Lazarescu's last night on earth -- because of a startlingly inept medical industry/healthcare field -- is probably much more realistic than any of us would like to imagine. Dante Lazarescu (the late and great Ion Fiscuteanu who passed two years after this film was released) is an older man who lives alone in Bucharest, Romania. He reluctantly decides to go to a hospital one evening after his bout of dizziness will not go away and he begins to feel worse as the evening progresses. After an ambulance takes him to one location he is diagnosed and sent to another facility for an additional test. After receiving a few different diagnoses his current condition becomes so bad he requires emergency treatment ... which is unable to be performed at the medical facility he is at! The intelligent, book-smart physicians cannot hear either Mr. Lazarescu or other patients and people speaking up for a dying man! The film is a tragic comedy with poor Mr. Lazarescu paying the ultimate price for aloof, bureaucratic obliviousness. Is Mr. Lazarescu a human being in need of treatment or simply a piece of trash that will cost money to temporarily repair?! When human beings become numbers with price tags affixed to them, the world has become a VERY scary place. It is a frightening thought -- and one scarier than any horror movie out there today.

Paul D (us) wrote: I liked this movie until the kids went on the run and it turned into a poor man's Night of the Hunter.

(kr) wrote: great piece of cinema

Robert H (ru) wrote: This film is cheesy, action packed, and not worthy of a 50 million dollar budget but dangit if I don't enjoy watching it!Deep Rising combines a lot of standard scifi action tropes into on grand ol monster movie full of nods/homage to the likes of Die Hard and Alien all while on a boat on the ocean.There are plenty of films that are way cheesier and more fun than Deep Rising but that's not going to stop me from watching it again.

Jeremy H (ca) wrote: Jurassic Park with apes and without any of the confident suspense. Action sequences are almost all undercooked, just like the characters. Not terribly exciting but at least fun to look at. It's clearly an expensive movie and you'll see worse adventures in your lifetime.

Jake A (us) wrote: A pretty good movie. But, it gets to a point where feel like they are dragging it out too much. It's just so slow.

Eddie D (ag) wrote: Great zombie of the first with "running" zombies....but not stupid and absurd like the "rage" zombies in contemporary films like 28 days/weeks later....fuck those shits....this is the REAL DEAL!!!

Noel V (fr) wrote: Easily the most startling and stylish adaptation of Jane Eyre ever made, Jacques Tourneur's 'I Walked with a Zombie' answers the simple question: what if Rochester had never left the Caribbean--if Jane instead were to travel there instead? In less than seventy minutes Tourneur's balletic camera describes a world of dreamlike languor and voodoo magic, a world where not just Rochester's wife but all the main characters are, in fact, only half alive, caught between passion's drive and society's demands. The film itself is equally divided in nature, alternating between long, beautifully lit and photographed sequences almost entirely without dialogue (Betsy's first encounter with Jessica, the trek to the Home Front) and monologues from people describing their struggle with passion's consequences with all the fervor of recovering addicts (Tom Conway, Edith Barrett). The ending has been described as abrupt; I can only call it inevitable, lyrical, breathlessly tragic. A great film.