Pensione Edelweiss

Pensione Edelweiss

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Pensione Edelweiss 1959 full movies, Pensione Edelweiss torrents movie

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Pensione Edelweiss torrent reviews

Brandon V (it) wrote: Frankness about sex actually relieves discomfort rather than adding to it.

Tara H (gb) wrote: A great boxing (or anti-boxing) movie, made by RKO and set in real time, with one of my favourite actors, Robert Ryan. Audrey Totter is also good as his long-suffering girlfriend.

Shantel D (gb) wrote: I love found footage. I know alot of people don't, but I really do. This one's okay, but there's a bit of drag and running in circles. I feel like an hour and 13 minutes could have actually been 30 minutes, once you took all of that out. It wasn't bad, but there wasn't enough material to make a movie. Saying that, I didn't expect the ending, really. Not where I thought it was going.

Yash B (de) wrote: "Shooter" is a perfectly acceptable action thriller. It doesn't really have much that stands out but I enjoyed it. The story is mostly predictable with only a few surprises along the way. The dialogue is somewhat corny and the movie is never really plausible, but this ends up being fine since that's not really why you watch this type of movie. If you're looking for a mostly fast paced, violent, and enjoyable action thriller, it's pretty good overall.

Richard D (ag) wrote: A really compelling documentary about the radical offshoot of the SDS responsible for a series of bombings of public buildings and for breaking Timothy Leary out of prison and smuggling him to Algiers. It's a fair assessment of both sides of the issue, interviewing former members of the group as well as the FBI agent who lead the task force that tracked their movements as well as more moderate members of the SDS like Todd Gitlin. Timely viewing since American society seems to be heading back towards a time where extreme political division creates groups like this.

Mark T (br) wrote: Smart Irish gangster movie with some great scenes and great lines. Brendan Gleeson is excellent, as he always is. Loved the short scene in the woods with the balaclavas. So funny!!

Beteley R (fr) wrote: Funny for all the wrong reasons!

Tamara H (mx) wrote: Might get another half-star if I saw it again. The "Future's So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades" scene was pretty funny.

Deric T (jp) wrote: an abundance of over the top characters. Difficult to take seriously if you've seen Airplane! Very enjoyable easy watching. DVD Feb 2010.

Alex F (us) wrote: Some people would say that this is a slow-paced film but Bunuel keeps us hooked in this film with his symbolic, dark, and somehow perverse tale of a man who falls in love at an old age. There are so many interesting little details in this film that one would be able to write an essay about it. This is artistic, thought-provoking cinema. The sort of cinema that only geniuses can deliver. Any Luis Bunuel fan should see it.

Kefu Z (mx) wrote: It is so good that I do not know how to describe. It is for sure the very best thing DreamWorks has ever released. It has the highest ratings of any movie I have ever seen. In fact the franchise became so big to DreamWorks that this is the only ones to have a website of its own name rather than going for a sub directory of DreamWorks. Did not regret spending time watching this at all. The part where Hiccup introduces Astrid watering in the flames really gained her impression throughout. Astrid's classical action and lines to Hiccup where she punches him and strikes/kisses him is also memorable. The romantic sky is so beautiful that you will never forget. Toothless is extremely cute. It is such a nice thing to add Astrid into this movie or else I doubt the movie will get at most 75% of this achievement. I feel like in the end I am not watching this series for Hiccup, but for Toothless and Astrid.

Jacob D (kr) wrote: I absolutely adored this movie that is filled with heart, humor, and sadness.