Pentatonix: On My Way Home

Pentatonix: On My Way Home

This documentary follows the group on their 2015 sold out North American tour. Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, Pentatonix has sold more than 2 million albums in the U.S. alone and amassed nearly 1 billion views on their YouTube channel with more than 8.1 million subscribers. Their latest holiday album - That’s Christmas To Me - sold more than 1.1 million copies in the U. S., becoming one of only four acts to release a platinum album in 2014.

Grammy Award-winners and platinum selling artists Pentatonix are bringing their concert documentary On My Way Home to their fans to see. The documentary follows the
group on their 2015 sold out North American tour. Since bursting out onto the scene in 2011| Pentatonix has sold more than 2 million albums in the U.S. amassed
nearly 1 billion views on their YouTube channel with more than 8.1 million subscribers. Their last holiday album - That's Christmas To Me - sold more than 1.1million
copies in the U.S.| becoming one of the only four acts to release a platinum album in 2014. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pentatonix: On My Way Home torrent reviews

valerie p (fr) wrote: terrific movie, well worth the price of a ticket

john p (nl) wrote: This is a fantastic movie, especially to fans of David Lynch during the 90's (think Lost Highway). This is the kind of director that we need now because Lynch doesn't have too much time left. I highly recommend.

Xander K (es) wrote: Probably too long for its own good, but still takes you on a fascinating ride of hero-worship and villain scapegoating surrounding a tragic set of events.

William W (jp) wrote: Excellent and fair coverage of a tough subject. The rare doc that doesn't have a slanted POV but really just wants to get to the truth.

William F (nl) wrote: It was a feel good movie of some good folks risking their lives for Polish Jews.

Wesley B (kr) wrote: You may have heard Nazis are bad and known about the Warsaw ghetto... and nothing here is necessarily new or illuminating in that regard. But the Zookeeper 's wife maintains a sure footing and quiet dignity treading familiar territory about the chaos of war and the work to subvert the Nazi war machine (it's part of a new generation of stories out of Eastern Europe, probably held back by the Cold War). None of the performances are astonishing - Chastain is fine but bland, and her accent wavers - but this is a solid, worthwhile effort.

Walter T (de) wrote: From the Ashes should be required watching in Washington DC and in coal country. Surprisingly balanced, it paints a realistic picture of a world rapidly moving away from coal as an energy source and its devastating impact on jobs. The politics of coal dominates America and our ability to solve this has profound impact on literally millions of families directly or indirectly impacted by this industry. Go see it.

Walter R (de) wrote: Quite the puzzle if you go with it. Took me awhile to get it but once I did, very cool. The mood is very strange and always keeps you uncomfortable. My girl figured out ending before I did which pissed me off. Jena Malone is great. Not for all but very intriguing nonetheless. Cool locations too.

Vince A (de) wrote: Very good documentary. It's frightening to see what a mob mentality, hero worship and obsession can do to a community. Happy Valley is filled with nut cases who spent more time making themselves and Joe Paterno into victims than actually caring about the real victims of child abuse. It's sickening.

Ursula L (mx) wrote: This documentary really disturbed me. As if the crimes committed weren't bad enough, this whole view of the town where Joe Paterno and the football team were "victims" is shameful. The university and the town are complicit in my opinion, because if it wasn't for the reverence of football above all else, these people wouldn't have had their blinders on to not see a child molester among them. Well done documentary, but the topic left me feeling sick.

Tracy M (es) wrote: Not many movies get you so emotionally vested and feeling the ups and downs of the characters. This movie needs to be out there for the masses to see. Not to just teaching about pledging but taking a stand when you know something is wrong. It has a lot of messages that can be taken through journey of life. It's easier to build strong children than repair broken men. F.D.

Tiago A (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this movie since the beggining. I enjoyed the acting and the fact that this was a movie made by black people. And please, don't judge them because of the color the the skin. This movie presents the nightmare living by millions of students trying to get on on college and can't or are affraid of the underground hazing. This movie represents a current problem about the colleges and needs to be watched like it.And for those who said this movie has no end: You did not understand a bit about it.

Tex S (es) wrote: The Zookeeper's Wife, movie review"The Zookeeper's Wife" tries to do too much. It's a resistance film at it's heart, but it was also a family drama, a war film, a psychological thriller, and more. None of the parts are played out well enough to be satisfying. For example, about half way through the film, we realize that the title character, Antonina Zabinski played by Jessica Chastain, is having a baby. We saw the married couple having sex, and then bam, she's having a kid. Another example is the husband, Jan Zabinski played Johan Heldenbergh is suddenly in armed resistance against the Germans. The film seems disjointed without enough lead up to these and other major plot elements in the film. The acting is fine, but it doesn't have enough gravitas for such a story. Chastain's accent fluctuates from flawless to not so perfect. To give her full credit, Chastain is an asset in most of the film. The way she holds the young animals shows genuine love for the beasts. Heldenbergh seems like he is phoning it in half the time; he doesn't embody the character. Even Daniel Brhl is mediocre as the sinister Lutz Heck, a German officer with a lust for Antonina and an affinity for animals. His performance is uneven and he is out of sorts. In the end, much of the problem is with the script. Some of the dialogue is terrible. Antonia's line "Maybe that's why I prefer animals to people. You can look into their eyes and know exactly what they think" is terrible. Certainly, the line is trying to show that she empathizes with animals, but it comes across as false and out of place. The way she treated the animals was enough for us to get the point. And besides, you can't know what an animal is thinking. That's stupid. While most of the script is competent, none of it stands out as spectacular or well written. However, the dialogue is not the worst part of the film. It's the cloying treacle they call a sound score. It's so light and lovely, but I don't need to be told how to feel. Silence would have served the film better. Harry Gregson-Williams did well with his score for The Martian, but here the music is an annoyance from the first note. More Chopin, please!?Rating: MatineeIt's a great story that could have been done better by sticking to one plot line: the refugees and their act of resistance. By trying to do too much, it was less of a film. Peace, Tex Shelters

Susanna M (ru) wrote: Heart & gut-wrenching, esp if you're an animal lover. Overall, sad. Makes me sick to my stomach and angry.

Sue D (ag) wrote: Excellent movie. Don't miss it.

Stuart P (ca) wrote: An interesting documentary about blame, scapegoating and idol-worship.

Steven J (nl) wrote: Easily one of the strangest and most confusing films I've ever seen, Bottom of the World is also a captivating and intriguing film. Most people will probably hate it, but for some reason I was fascinated by it...some scenes are very suspenseful and creepy, others are wonderfully strange and surreal. Nice performance by Jena Malone. Guy is ok.

Steve C (ca) wrote: Brutal and gutteral, but seriously lacking humor.The film ends with a cell phone call and an utterance that is unintelligible. A fatal failure.

Shawn G C (kr) wrote: Fantastic, essential NYC documentary filmmaking.

Shaun T (au) wrote: Must-see doc chronicling the Penn State scandal. Brutal.