Pep Squad

Pep Squad

Set in and around a small town high school in Kansas, Beth is a naive senior student who asks her two new friends, the slick and outgoing Julie, and her boyfriend Scott to help her cover up the accidental killing of the hated school principal. But they are observed by Terra, a student nominated for prom queen, who blackmails them into rigging the election in her favor. Undaunted, Beth, Julie and Scott turn to the most popular/hated student Cherry to kill Terra for them. Cherry agrees to the hit, but only if she gets Terra's nomination for prom queen and the crown as well which sets off more complications for all involved.

Set in and around a small town high school in Kansas, Beth is a naive senior student who asks her two new friends, the slick and outgoing Julie, and her boyfriend Scott to help her cover up... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panayiotis P (mx) wrote: Before i started wAtching this movie i watched the first 15 seconds of the trailer which convinced me that this movie was going to be amazing. However i failed to realise that this was going to be a movie based on a true story. There are some movies which provide higher quAlity education even than what provided in the best universities in the world. These are the selected few those special movies watched only by special quality people. By watching this movie i feel wiser and more optimistic when it comes to facing life. The performances were great, so was the photography, the direction and the soundtrAck. Also the director of the movie successfully managed to make me feel like the protagonist of the film. In conclusion, the scene which is carved in mind was the toin coss that the protagonist took at some point. This is our life. We flip a coin and may lady luck smile upon us.

Josh A (au) wrote: This is by far one of my favourite movies. The soundtrack is so cool. The camera styles are very different and effective. Over all the whole movie is so 21st century gangster that it's cool. I rewatch the movie frequently and am desperately hoping for the sequel.

Thomas J (it) wrote: This is the guy I wish I was as a gay teen in the 80s. Chance is a fun guy trying to learn more of WHO he is that WHAT he is. It plays on the stereotypes of high school a bit too much but none-the-less a fun movie. I hope to see these actors grow and succeed.

Perrine B (it) wrote: tres tres bien! images tres belles, maniere de filmer originale , musique tres bien choisie. Un film sur l'amour et sa conception, sur la vie et ses imprevus, sur l'amiti; le tout incarne par de belles metaphores. L'histoire d'une rencontre ...

Wade H (us) wrote: One of the Best Westerns Ive seen the Cast was Great!

Patrick S (gb) wrote: A great kid... im not sure... movie

Andrejs P (br) wrote: Probably one of the better movies I've seen of late....then again i'm a big fan of noir movies. this one is especially dark....murder, gambling, drug addiction, thrill seeking to escape boredom. i can definitely see me watching this multiple times....great cinematography...this movie could ONLY be made in black and white.

Courtney J (ru) wrote: What people are failing to see in this modernized version of the story of "Carrie" is the anti-bullying message. Sure, not everyone has telekinesis (haha) and goes on a murderous rampage, but the message is there. The casting was excellent and the film stayed true to the novel as well as the original film. Moore nailed the role of the disturbed Margaret White, and Moretz gave new life to this classic horror character. It deserves more credit than people are willing to give it.

Dave A (gb) wrote: More like beat your ASS for wasting time on this filth. Coming across as a second-rate Step-Up knock-off, Beat The World features three dance crews from around the world, with two of them being revealed early that they are German and Brazilian. You have to wait until the end to find out that CANADA is the one the movie puts the attention on the most, and in a not-so surprising twist, the team that has the least amount jerks pulls through and "beats the world"...YAWWWWNYou get some parkour, some sessions, more parkour, 15 minutes of derivative plot, more sessions, it goes on and on and on. None of the relationships here are genuine, except for the main relationship between Yuson and his girl, but they both can't carry the film.Ultimately, this is a "me too" film trying to capture the Step-Up craze, all the while screaming GOOO CANADA. In the end, we beat a German and Brazilian dance crew.....with inferior dance moves. What did you expect when the Beat The World tournament is held in bloody DETROIT?!? Shit, that's what.Mindless, dull, derivative and utterly pointless, Beat The World only beats itself. With no imagination, interesting characters, or even creative dancing, it won't grab your attention. Stay clear of this dance wreck!

David F (nl) wrote: When I first read the title of this movie I immediately thought this was a movie regarding government officials at the office or the IRS workday. I was however very disgusted to find out this movie was depicting the business world and their corporate leaders as the so-called bloodsucking bastards. I hate to break the news to everyone that someone somewhere most likely a long time ago 50-120 years ago started from almost nothing, they started these corporations from just some hope, some very hard work and a dream, but they actually did something!!!! Just because fate would have it that the a few company's had products that more people wanted for the price that these company's produced them doesn't make them bad for being successful! The government on the other hand did nothing but does take these company's money and yours and my money and produces nothing. The movie is complete crap and the content is full of misdirected information that is trying to make people in society at large believe that the true enemy to society's happiness (Government) is the good guy and that people who actually work hard and produce good and valuable things that everyone uses everyday at cheap and affordable prices are the bad guys (Capitalists). This mentality is going to destroy our society and movies like this are complete crap and a waste of time.

Lori B (de) wrote: Rio Bravo is a movie that should be terrible. It contains every Western cliche except for Bad Indians (plenty of loyal Hispanics though), and it should be doomed by the fact that it stars not one but two "singing cowboys," Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson.BUT . . . it's actually a great movie. John Wayne has an unexpected screen chemistry with co-star Angie Dickinson, and it turns out that Dean Martin is a good actor. And so is Ricky Nelson. Walter Brennon's comic relief feels a little dated to me, but overall, this is a pretty great movie, and I enjoyed it much, much more than the Monday Night Football game I had been planning on watching.

Knox M (de) wrote: Is there much you can say other than this is one of the most thought-provoking works of cinema ever projected onto a screen? This film shook me religiously, politically, and opened a new door for me as a filmmaker. You must see it before you die.