Perché non facciamo l'amore?

Perché non facciamo l'amore?


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Perché non facciamo l'amore? torrent reviews

Juan S (ru) wrote: good movie but horrible ending

Love M (kr) wrote: Mainstream British drama with big ambitions but useless execution!17.5.2015

Ophellia Cristina Q (de) wrote: Wow! I love to see one wingless fairy save the Fairytopia from harm.Very colorful and with some funny sides in it.

Jason H (us) wrote: Wow, talk about a contrived, simple-minded, predictable movie. No surprise this went direct-to-video. At least Alana De La Garza's easy on the eyes.

Excelsis A (us) wrote: "I just graduated from the MTC, you know, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...?"

Robert D (kr) wrote: a good comedy from national lampoon. good fun

Sam Wise (fr) wrote: the zombie/ghosts are not at all scary. It's simply lame.

Tomas K (jp) wrote: ..a small correction to contributions below. This movie is Slovak rather than Czech. Still a great one though.

Jacky L (jp) wrote: oh chris, you dumb old, poor thang fool.

Annabel K (ca) wrote: Dancing and buenos aires, but not as we know it...

David C (de) wrote: Top 20 All-Time Western!

Gavin P (de) wrote: A great cast and great concept, but unfortunately not the best execution. Should've been fantastic, with Pegg playing the bumbling Neil, Beckinsale as the love interest Catherine and the Pythons (together again, yay!) as the Intergalactic aliens that are giving Neil the chance to prove Earth's worth saving, by giving him God-like powers. Robin Williams (sadly his final role) is wasted as Dennis the Dog and the Pythons get a few funny lines in, but that's about it unfortunately - most of the sight-gags and 'wishes' fail. Might've worked better as a skit...

Facebook U (ca) wrote: Gross, slimy, and twisted, Slither is an amazing homage to 80s horror (everything from Night of the Creeps to The Thing) that provides hilarious gags and solid performances (seriously, Michael Rooker is creepy as hell in this movie) from its cast.