Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí

Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí

A man is murdered and his roommates are suspects.

Until Lucas appeared in their lives, Dani, Carlos and Toni had a quiet life with no major concerns. They shared almost everything: the house, housework, dogs, his homosexual tendencies and debts. It was these that forced them to rent one of the bedrooms of their floor. Then came Lucas, his hair long, his charming smile, and his muscular body to completely change the life and destiny of their lovers home. Lucas is found dead but ... Who killed him? All had reasons to do so, or maybe none. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy H (br) wrote: Based on Alex Garlands second novel this film really disappoints. The interweaved story was always going to be difficult to film but strangely bringing together the different elements and characters works quite well. The problem is the lacklustre performance and directing. The characters don??t draw you in therefore you don??t feel anything for them. Sean comes across as an idiot where he should have been a loveable rogue. Rosa should be a kind compassionate person with an overbearing sadness but is actually a little creepy. Wit could have been an unfortunate child doing what he has to in order to survive but is a just lying, thieving little bastard. The photography is suitably stylised as you would expect from Oxide Pang and the hotel perfectly dingy but the Bangkok location is not really exploited asking the question why move the setting from Manila as it was in the book. In short interesting storey but read the book and don??t bother with the film.

Leena L (kr) wrote: A lighthearted and sweet yet real and slightly serious romedy in a best woody allen style with new yorkers trying to figure it all out. Wether to be gay or straight, to date or not, to be serious or not, to live and love or not. Funny and ... cerebral :)

Tyler S (fr) wrote: I found this to be a pretty good movie with some intense scenes and decent filmmaking. Connery and Gere were good here as it tells the classic tale of King Arthur. Movie received flack for being cheesy but I found it to be an effective drama love story.

Diego B (gb) wrote: This film is about music, the musician and his own relationship --through his instrument-- with the music. Taking place on Baroque period (and on its way of thinking and perceiving the music), photography, script, music, art design go on the same way and are orchestrated in a extraordinary good work by director Corneau. The amazing selection of music is done by Jordi Savall and the beautiful performances by Depardieu and Marielle complement this biographical film about composer Marin Marais life and his teacher Sainte-Colmbus. The power of music brings the dead back to life again.

Scott M (ca) wrote: Story about a bunch of dumb idiots who sign up at the police academy and how they go about getting trained. One of my favorite comedies as a kid, but not near as good today. Steve Gutenberg plays the part straight which I enjoy. Much better than playing it goofy like Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey.

Guti H (au) wrote: Not like any other bank heist movie, Dog Day Afternoon is a well paced and well acted retelling of the true story

Jon H (kr) wrote: A ridiculous sequel in which a small plane inadvertently crashes into (and disables, but doesn't destroy or bring down) a 747. A classic case of unlikelyess involves the plane being piloted by the stewardess after the cockpit crew are all injured or killed. (Maybe the writers had a premonition of Porter Air).

Brandon S (au) wrote: The quintessential Bond film that has been praised the highest, quoted the most, and ripped off from end to end. This is escapist filmmaking with style and sophistication, minus any inkling of pretension.

Steve G (de) wrote: Small town Americana, from the greatest representative of all.Actually, it's an incredibly odd film. Morbid. Schizophrenic, even. It goes from one emotional extreme to the next, never really sure of exactly what story it wants to tell us. The child actors were all great, and it was extremely beneficial that the child Parris & the adult Parris looked so much alike. The child Cassie was incredible...but the adult Cassie was unimpressive. And it was harmful that she looked absolutely NOTHING like her child version. So that whole aspect was unconvincing. This may be Rains' best performance. I've never seen him so powerful. Robert Cummings is very good, too. Great music. There is some beauty to be found here, in a perverse way, if one looks hard enough.Yet most impressive to me was Ronald Reagan. It was my first Reagan film. He was mesmerizing. Presidential. Oozed charisma. Top notch performance, in this "slightly sordid but moving yarn" that made him a star. I would've preferred a better film in which to see him, but he carries it, much like he did his country decades later.

Robert M (ca) wrote: If not the best, one of the best Sandler comedies I've seen. A real-life setting well mixed with some cartoony elements. While it may be cartoony, it still somehow remains funny enough and engaging enough along with Happy Gilmore himself being the worthy protagonist for this slapstick film. If you're in the right moment, this one is fun, entertaining in it's simplest form, and probably one of the more memorable movies involving Sandler as a primary character.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch