Perfect Sisters

Perfect Sisters

Tired of their mother's alcoholism and a string of her abusive boyfriends, two sisters plot to kill her.

The film about two adolescent girls abused almost successfully implement a sophisticated murder plot. Two sisters Sandra and Beth soon know that they can rely on each other in their lives, but when the addicted mother Linda plans to move them along her with her lustful lover who specializes in abusing two childs, their situation has exceeded their stamina. Are pushed to extremities, Sandra and Beth recruit their classmates to plan to kill of her mother… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (nl) wrote: Such a tragic movie to attract the young to watch hot girls strip. Some of it is true on the party life but to suggest that any party life would end up with a happy marriage, well that's for you to dream!

Doug B (ag) wrote: This very witty dark comedy follows a group of strangers in interlocking stories throughout a number of bars on one night in Los Angeles.. I can't believe it's rated so low here. Great well known actors, well written darkly funny script abet murky in some areas. But definitely a movie I'd see again!

Kevin S (br) wrote: not as funny as i thought it would be but still a fun watch

Monica S (mx) wrote: Fucking perfect. Excuse my french but honestly, its fantastic.

Anna P (es) wrote: it will keep you curious who to trust...

Roberto C (de) wrote: Pedazo de actuacin de Meg Tilly... De sas que se te quedan en la memoria por mucho tiempo... Increble la mujer

Katrina Teann G (br) wrote: I love this movie!!!

EF S (es) wrote: There is camp value here, but sadly that's about it. Which is a shame, because honestly, how awesome could a movie like this have been? An 80s horror movie about a killer beach? It sounds like the sort of thing that would (and if done properly, should) become a cult classic. This one wasn't done right, though. For a movie about a killer beach, or rather a killer seashell worm thing beneath the beach, it's incredibly boring.Introduce character, suck them under sand. Cops talking. Introduce character, suck them under sand. Cops talking. Repeat until 90 minutes filled. John Saxon is the highlight as the chief of police, and he is clearly just hamming it up but that's why he is a fixture of 80s horror and exploitation. Clearly a low budget affair, but unlike others it doesn't embrace it, it sinks in it. Sinks faster than the careers of the people sinking in the sand. So, so much sinking.

Spencer S (ru) wrote: A cult Christmas classic, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" concerns Martians and their selfish, perturbed children who have no fun and hope that Santa's goodwill will come to their planet. The Martians come to Earth, kidnap some kids, then Santa, and take them back to their planet. Some of the Martians dislike the idea of letting Santa on their planet, and plot to kill him and the children, but are thwarted time and again. The film isn't inherently bad: it has a logical plot, the performances aren't all that bad, and it's message of letting kids have fun is inspiring. The reason it's so ridiculous is the premise itself. That and the costuming is horrible, like, ridiculously bad. The Martians are all in green-face, the elves are all dwarves, and the Martian children look and sound like practiced wind-up dolls. While this isn't the best bad movie it's rather entertaining and fun for the entire family, even with its constant plot device of children killing alien life forms.

Quinn H (fr) wrote: Interesting look into the corruption of the real estate business in Naples, Italy (and in general). I have always been very impressed with Francesco Rosi and the issues that he chooses to address.

Oliver K (gb) wrote: The plot is a little too contrived at times, but when it hits its emotional beats, it's utterly devastating. A deeply flawed film that achieves some great things along the way.