Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer

Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born in the stench of 18th century Paris, develops a superior olfactory sense, which he uses to create the world's finest perfumes. However, his work takes a dark turn as he tries to preserve scents in the search for the ultimate perfume.

"Perfume" is a terrifying story of murder and obsession set in 18th-century France. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille came into the world unwanted, expected to die, yet born with an unnerving sense of smell that created alienation as well as talent. Strangely lacking any scent of his own, he becomes obsessed with capturing the irresistible but elusive aroma of young womanhood. As Grenouille';s obsession turns deadly, 12 young girls are found murdered. Panic breaks out as people rush to protect their daughters, while an unrepentant and unrelenting Grenouille still lacks the final ingredient to complete his quest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cline D (au) wrote: Film sympa, Foresti fidle ses sketchs. A peut-tre pas bien march cause des trop nombreux dialogues en "anglais"...

Evan T (nl) wrote: this was a VERY interesting topic, very well put together, just really cool!

Paul C (ca) wrote: Decent flick. The cast was good.. Dax Shepard is great. Pretty cute story.

Michael C (br) wrote: I am unaware of the real life events of this film but for most of the time that I was watching it, the film pretty much bored me. The dialogue and direction of this film was subpar. The presence of the actors were not there. The film dragged for long periods with some scenes that just seemed forced and used for dramatic cutaways. The photography was horrendous with shots sequences that were just god awful. A fifth grader would have done a better job with filming. It was just really bland and with no feeling. I didn't feel for the characters at all. Just wanted the film to end.

PJ P (de) wrote: The jury system evolved in a society in which the members would already know something of the character of the accused and of the crime. Now it is a passive audience waiting to be persuaded by an adversarial peace of theatre. English-speaking countries have persuaded themselves that this mockery is superior to the legal processes of foreigners. For me, this contrast provides added pleasure to this neatly-crafted movie. The excellent Isabelle Huppert plays a judge in a case involving high level corruption. (You know the sort of thing - in England the prime minister would stop the trial as being against the national interest.) Judge Jeanne Charmant-Killman, nicknamed 'the Piranha', pursues the wrong-doers into ever more elevated hidey holes, in the face of intimidation and death threats. Watch as this places unendurable strain on her long-suffering husband too. A plot based on a true story gives you an opportunity to enjoy Huppert's skill here. Very good movie making indeed by Claude Chabral.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Not bad. Dice plays a decent heel. Some similarities to Die Hard with Tweed playing a former beauty queen in the Willis role. Hostages are taken at the Miss Galaxy pageant with demands made to a crooked Senator whose daughter is Miss USA.

Jesper B (nl) wrote: Tom Hanks bsta portrtt r onekligen Forrest Gump. Man fastnar vid frsta gonkastet och den fantastiska resan r ofrglmlig.

Rob H (ca) wrote: Dolly Parton has some BIG titties

Jens S (mx) wrote: Few films are as much 60s as this. From the soundtrack and songs or the entire production design to the message and characters. Of course it's incredibly dated from today's point of view and the plot is nothing special. But some parts are so obscure, funny and weird you can't help but be entertained. And at least they made an effort with their set pieces. It also helps that Fonda is incredibly beautiful and charming. Odd nonsense, but unique.

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Melodrama that chronicles the days of a famous fictional stage actress (Jeanette McDonald), who rises to fame, along with help of her man (Clark Gable). In addition, a priest (Spencer Tracy) intervenes and is generally reluctant to accept the two as lovers. Taken place in the days leading up to the massive earthquake in San Francisco back in 1906, the drama plot surrounding the characters is relatively silly and forgettable, although the performances and singing McDonald stick out. The minutes surrounding the final performance before the earthquake and the earthquake itself are not forgettable by any means. The special effects are quite impressive at the time and save what could have been an embarrassment for the entire cast. Not bad and still works thanks to the ending.

Cade H (gb) wrote: This wasn't unlike any other serial killer, mystery movie I have seen, but the stellar cast made it stand out slightly. Ashley Judd was a joy to watch as usual and Morgan Freeman played his usual, Morgan Freeman type role. There was a good amount of suspense and plenty of guessing to do but at times some parts seemed a bit dragged out and it went on just a little to long. There were plenty of moments where the characters did dumb things that got them into worse situations and the ending, while satisfying, could of been done much better. The shocking reveal of the killer at the end was nice and overall this was a decent film, great cast but it could of used a little something extra to make it "really" good.