Permettete, signora, che ami vostra figlia

Permettete, signora, che ami vostra figlia


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Permettete, signora, che ami vostra figlia torrent reviews

Jackie M (kr) wrote: I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before watching. Mirren, Pacino and Tambor do not disappoint. It was excellent.

Steve B (mx) wrote: This is quite a harrowing film, and quite moving. Based on a true story, it surrounds children being migrated out to Australia, whilst their natural parents think they have been adopted by another family. You'll enjoy this film, based on another Children Services scandal.

Jerry C (jp) wrote: American soldiers get stuck in the Afghan desert and have to deal with an evil shape-shifting 'djinn'. Simple, fun and there are some really creepy moments. Perfect for a midnight screening.

Timothy R (de) wrote: An ok film about a father/son relationship. Jim Broadbent is excellent. It feels like a telemovie though. I think it has something to do with the cinematography, which has a yellowish hue throughout the entire film. It just didn't seem right or believable due to that.

Madison (fr) wrote: I don't know what it is!

Trinity (us) wrote: Aniston does a great job.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: It was, funny, charming, and it proves that you can be small to do BIG things, like win the fight, write the best story, or even become the champ. Awesome and I give this movie a A+

Michael S (au) wrote: Just awful. Awful dialogue. Awful acting. Awful writing. Action sequences that are loud and busy without ever being exciting. Many scenes are unintentionally hilarious.

Jaime G (gb) wrote: En DVD Con este filme Almodovar se mueve entre el un thriller de lo mas escabroso y la comedia disparatada, o una mezcla de ambas... que puede llegar a ser un virtuosismo o una especie de pastiche que no termina de definirse y crea algo bizarro, como los diseos de Jean Paul Gaultier, que empieza con buen pie pero luego flojea y se extiende inestablemente y va perdiendo intensidad. Sinembargo la frescura de las carecterizaciones le salvan y digamos que consigue no dejarnos del todo indiferentes.

Scott M (au) wrote: One of the first independent movies. Tells the story about two guys who are on the run from the law after a drug deal goes bad. Its about race, its about class, its about mistakes people make. One of Bill Paxton's and Bill Bob Thorton's first lead roles. Both are awesome. Good movie.

Gabriella P (us) wrote: Haha, James Belushi <3

Ryan D (ru) wrote: Burt Reynolds is great.

John N (fr) wrote: Good Title shame about the film.