Petaru dansu

Petaru dansu

Four women, who have their own different sorrows, embark on a road trip. They look back at their past and restart their lives.

Four women, who have their own different sorrows, embark on a road trip. They look back at their past and restart their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric M (de) wrote: I heard this movie has a cameo by Tiffany "I Love New York" Pollard. Probably one more reason not see it, lol.

Rohan D (jp) wrote: Brilliant heist movie,certainly one of its kind in Bollywood.Brilliant performances by all,totally reminds one of the movie Ocean's Eleven.All in all,a must watch for a moviegoer who wants to watch some serious cinema.

Steve S (au) wrote: Beneath the Darkness : mal mont (C), mal doubl (C), les d (C)tails et les grandes lignes du sc (C)nario sont improbables... Dennis Quaid en m (C)chant est la seule attraction du film, ce qui n'en vaut vraiment pas la peine !

Hunter B (au) wrote: This may be the worst "scary" movie I've ever seen.

Scarlett Z (ag) wrote: Awesome, awesome, awesome film. One of the best adaptations I've yet to see. The characters were honest, funny, and heartwarming. Plus, it had a great plot. And, of course, the cake is to die for. Overall, a really excellent film.

Holli F (nl) wrote: I thought it was a great chick flick, it was a very twisted lust-filled story and i absolutely love Oscar Isaac

Johan F (ag) wrote: One of the best movies from the Tremors series. To sad that it ended here. It ended with a bang.

Ramn M (de) wrote: Excelente Bardem.muy buena

Jane Z (au) wrote: -Semi spoiler-I can't stand movies that leave you with no one to root for at the end. And I actually didn't enjoy most of the performances, aside from Matthew McConaughey's.

Carolyn G (kr) wrote: Lots of potential but ultimately not great. An early Kristin Bell appearance and the return of the hottie (David) from "Muriel's Wedding" (played by Daniel Lapaine). Still didn't hold my interest due to the meandering dialogue. It just went NOWHERE!

Corey W (ca) wrote: Even the anthropomorphic cartoon version of the King is entertaining!

Martin T (ru) wrote: Very uneven. For a movie called "Tension", there isn't very much of it, and the overall tone is oddly low-key. Richard Basehart's motivations are also strange, and it takes him way too long to figure out what a bad idea his scheme is... not to mention how poorly thought-out it is, with his Clark Kent-style disguise. The whole thing feels clumsy and misguided, and yet it has a compelling forward motion to it. Femmes fatale are not as common in noir as one might think, but when there is one, she's usually the best part of the movie. Audrey Trotter does not disappoint, dominating every scene she's in, and her character is delightfully rotten. Also worth noting is Barry Sullivan as a cop who's unscrupulous in a way you don't see very often. The ambiguity to his character adds a little spice. I definitely didn't LOVE this movie, but I got a few kicks from it.

Alfredo S (es) wrote: I guess critics still prefer Disney to stick to its chessy princesses

Stuart R (fr) wrote: Cheesy, overly twee and at times quite embarrassing. Not worth the time.Everyone is dressed well though! :)

Timo E (us) wrote: As a costuming snob, I'll admit my biggest gripe with this film is that none of the armor is real (its all plastic). Its all star cast delivers, though none of the characters are particularly likable. As a highlight, it does have one of the best choreographed sword fights in cinema history.