Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds

Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds

Over the course of his silly, high-energy performance, Holmes shares his thoughts on such disparate topics as: the keys to happiness; the illogicality of nightmares; being an "easy laugh"; what to wear on a flight; bizarre quirks of language; filling one's "joy quota"; how the British deal with awkward situations; the ridiculousness of porn; and more.

HD. Comedian/writer/actor Pete Holmes shares his hilarious insights into life's most absurd moments in this stand-up comedy special. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ankur S (kr) wrote: I'm pretty sure turning 30 won't be as bad as this movie.Seems like the director has only one movie to make in his whole life so he included everything controversial in 90 minutes.

dido (gb) wrote: ? ??????????????? life and the society are silently burning, left and right

WS W (jp) wrote: Lars von Trier's early shocker.Different, solid & still reachable although kinda long winding.

Namul K (br) wrote: Great movie for kids. Watched this over and over in the 80's.

Michael W (br) wrote: It's an engrossing and emotional cinema experience that slowly pieces together the fragments of a broken life. A wonderful film.

Andrej C (gb) wrote: One of the best anime!

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