Peter och Petra

Peter och Petra


De två barnen Peter och Petra tillhör ett småfolk och bor med sina föräldrar under en gran i Vasaparken i Stockholm. En dag besöker de Gustaf Vasa skola för att lära sig läsa och räkna. Där lär de känna Gunnar som tar hand om dem och låter dem sitta på hans bänk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mychal S (nl) wrote: Starts of fairly strong and engaging, and then turns absurd. Which isn't so bad, but this absurdity just didn't work, and didn't have a point. Still, the punchline song is very, very funny, and when this movie isn't trying to actively alienate audiences, it can be very touching.

Jackson C (fr) wrote: Beautiful, quirky and thought provoking. An absolute jaw dropper of a movie and more amazingly it is done entirely by the Chinese. Wonderful screenplay by Jiang Wen and the high caliber cast all deliver an inspirational performance. Let the Bullets Fly reminds me immensely of V For Vendetta, and is valuable food for thought for any audiences. I have longed for a Chinese movie to be done in this fashion, little can I ever expect one of the very first one could be executed in such sophisticated manner. Truly a must watch and it is no wonder that it is able to set the box office record in China, and deservingly so.

Kavin K (ru) wrote: classic glick! absolutely hilarious minus the perversion

Akira K (ca) wrote: Made me cry but it was wonderful 8')

Brian S (nl) wrote: Basic Rob Zombie formula. What's shocking is that this isn't anything new. I really enjoy Zombie's perfection on the raunchiness of the late 70s, but it's been done to death. Nothing new about killer clowns, rich people kidnapping the seemingly arrogant to torture for their own amusement or gambling purposes, nor the running man style combat and "level boss" introductions. However, the Columbian (?) SS Nazi dwarf clown was extremely original and the part of the film that I sincerely enjoyed the most. I get very nostalgic about White Zombie and am probably more prone to enjoying Zombie's films than people who didn't get their metal imprint this way. If you liked Halloween and House of 1000 Corpses, then you'll enjoy this one, otherwise rent something else.

Oliver O (gb) wrote: starts out good like a Narnia movie but goes down hill when they go to neverland like instead of a crocodile there's an Octopus like WTF and if your wondering what happened to John and Michel good for you they never freaking tell us the only thing people remember from this movie i the ill try song

John B (jp) wrote: interesting story from the song, but, poorly done and didn't event include the Rovers for the music

Paul C (gb) wrote: It didn't have that "scare" I was hoping for. But the acting was pretty good.

Michael L (gb) wrote: i think this is my favorite of the up series so far. at 42, you really see the subjects as full fledged adults with a more clear idea of life and stability. it seems that they all sunk into middle age and they have never been more interesting!

Tyler W (es) wrote: In My Top 10 All Time Favorites For Sure!

Tim G (nl) wrote: One of the best "worst movies ever made" ever made. :D Complete satire of the scifi genre, though unintended to be such, I'm sure. ;)

Courtney W (nl) wrote: It's like Medieval football, but pleasantly camp.

Dylan H (ca) wrote: Not to be taken too seriously, just fun!

Miedy B (kr) wrote: It was so awful and ridiculous that... It ended up being incredibly amusing

Adam R (it) wrote: Forget Gene Kelly - I want to be Fred Astaire when I grow up.

Private U (fr) wrote: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janine R (au) wrote: C.R.A.P. Thought Colin could lift this movie. But nope. Really dont like Heather Graham and the movie just went no where.

iain m (us) wrote: Great acting, lots and lots of really great acting - a kaleidoscope of a story, but altogether wonderful

Michael M (gb) wrote: The special effects in this film is worth watching, but it lacks character development and dialogue