Pethaino gia sena!

Pethaino gia sena!

Zoe,a devoted mother and wife, decides to leave behind her boring routine and fulfill her sexual urges. But nothing goes according to plan.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Pethaino gia sena! torrent reviews

Todd L (ca) wrote: WowMight be a bit before I see The WalkBut I get the sense you won't have to if you see this wonderful documentaryVery well done

bill s (gb) wrote: Most critics like while most viewers hate this done better before generic romcom.

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: Highly disappointing.

Jasmine L (fr) wrote: own it...HILARIOUS!!!

Matty S (es) wrote: Expertly acted and painfully realistic, but difficult to watch.

Robert R (ag) wrote: Snappy dialogue and spiffy performances aside, Barry Sonnenfeld's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's "Get Shorty" almost buckles under the force of its own incomprehensible plotting and vapidity.

Casey H (ca) wrote: hilariously funny and heartfelt

Eric C (fr) wrote: I would have loved to be present for this pitch!

Allan C (us) wrote: Bill Murray as your head camp counselor? What kind of awesome summer camp experience that would be! That's essentially the premiss behind this prototype 80s teen comedy (sure it was release in 1979, but that's why it's a prototype). The male counselors all want to bed the female counselors, the nerd counselor (named Spaz) has tape on his glasses, and there is one serious and sensitive storyline (about Murray helping a shy camper, which is the dullest part of the film). This film was a classic in it's day, but it didn't really age too well. Murray carries the film, and it certainly funny, but the film didn't seem nearly as funny to me as it did when I was 10 years old. This film was Murray's first major role and this was director Ivan Reitman's ("Twins," "Ghostbusters," "Dave") first major film. Harold Ramis also was a writer on the film, who'd previously worked on Reitman's production of "Animal House" and would later star in "Stripes" and "Ghostbusters". Besides Murray, you have Matt Craven (a character actor you'd totally recognize) and Chris Makepeace (an 80s familiar face from the likes of "My Bodyguard" and "Vamp". There's also Kristine DeBell, who's one of the few actresses to start in porn and successfully make the transition to mainstream films. She was never a star, but she was certainly a working actress if respectable productions. So overall, "Meatballs" is an entertaining prototype of the 80s teen sex comedy (though it's a comparatively tame PG film) and is not nearly as funny as I remember it being, but Murrary makes it entertaining enough.

Luca V (kr) wrote: 1950, This film is the same age as my Mom, and it is Italian too. Considering that Antonioni is known for his very silent films, where gestures are more important than words, this is a chatty movie. The best thing is that one thinks that there is a crime, then another crime, but nobody has committed any crime. The crime is, in this case, just moral. Obviously the relationship between a beautiful girl (portrayed by Miss Italia, Lucia Bose) and a sugardaddy cannot work. And the sugardaddy gives to a private investigator the task to do an Inquiry about his wife s past. This is dangerous for everybody, because the lover of her 19 returns. Then returns the passion and the sex into a Motel. What did they do? What crime? They just have not told to another girl not to take the elevator because the door of the elevator was opened but there was not elevator at all. The girl falls, and the two . the two were lovers, even if the man was the fiancee of the falling girl. Then they separate, and LB goes to Milan where she marries this rich sugardaddy. Milan, the Italian capital of Fashion, is here portrayed like that: cars and fashion dresses. Models and misery. Gosh the taste of the 50ies were not very good, all this Leopard furs. Really tacky. But the tension of the film is a prop

Sol R (br) wrote: Funny Movie! a Classic!

julia r (nl) wrote: a good piece of work. seen it twice...

Algitya P (de) wrote: Musical for Everyone !

Reece L (au) wrote: The central premise involving a half-white/half-American Indian torn between the two halves of his ancestry consistently fails to work due to the fact that the very white Elvis Presley was chosen to embody this paradox. The direction is average, simple pans and shot/reverse-shot norms adhered to throughout, but Presley does well in the lead role, his ethnicity aside. This was made with good intentions, the central narrative revolving around an indictment of racial bigotry, but the tone-deaf casting decisions effectively nullify this commentary (in another groan-worthy misstep, the Native American mother is played by a Mexican actress who attempts an awful accent to embarrassing results). It's passable as a piece of filmmaking, but as a commentary on race relations it fails before it even begins thanks to the aforementioned casting problems.

Austin G (gb) wrote: Is this movie out-dating as the years go on? Of course. But Robin Williams entertains nevertheless. Oddly enough, I can do without Flubber himself.

Emma R (mx) wrote: I loved it, not as great as mean girls though