The dysfunctional Chinese justice system allows citizens with grievances against their local governments to petition the court to clear or correct their record. Yet in order to do so, the petitioners must travel to Beijing to file paperwork and wait an indefinite period to plead their case. Following the saga of a group of petitioners over the years of 1996 and 2008, Petition unfolds like a novel by Zola or Dickens. This was filmed surreptitiously from the point of view of the petitioners, and not the justice officials, the police, or those heavies sent by the municipalities.

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  • Country:China, Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Finland
  • Director:Liang Zhao
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The dysfunctional Chinese justice system allows citizens with grievances against their local governments to petition the court to clear or correct their record... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (it) wrote: This movie plays like it's a commercial for both the Army and Shakespeare. A very odd combination you might think. Yet somehow it seems to work. What it really ends up being is a heartwarming tale of some soldiers and how they learn to improve themselves through genuinely learning something. Sure, the whole thing is a little cheesy and artificial, but it's one of those feel good films that you can't help but smile while watching. This is what everyone wishes the teacher-student relationship could be like. The teacher enriches the minds of the students, and the students touch the heart of the teacher. This sometimes makes the whole thing come off a bit like a fantasy, but if you can suspend disbelief a little you can't help but be touched by some of the scenes. I find myself emotionally involved every time I watch this movie. The characters' different storylines are all interesting, and you can really start to care about what happens to them. Perhaps the biggest downfall of the movie is the far-fetched nature of it all. I mean the idea that learning some Shakespeare will magically transform incompetent people into star pupils is ridiculous. Despite this I still enjoy watching it. Renaissance Man is one of those films that draws me in every time it's on TV and I end up watching the whole thing.

Diana M (br) wrote: One of my top ten best films of all time. Burton's performance is extraordinary. The acting is first rate and the friendship between the two main characters moves you to tears.

Ben L (ca) wrote: Woman in the Dunes, otherwise known as Stockholm Syndrome: the Movie, is a film that I knew nothing about before watching. I was totally shocked when I realized what was going on. It almost felt like a Twilight Zone episode with that twist. It was easy to sympathize with the protagonist for most of the film, although I kept wondering why he couldn't articulate all the ways freedom was preferable to this woman's life. The movie dragged on a lot longer than I think it needed to, but I suppose the length helps justify that finale. I didn't really understand the society or why they behaved in certain ways, for instance the big spectator scene was just disturbing. I think the film was effective, but tough to watch. Not exactly a recipe for a film I will love. However it is definitely a well-made movie, and it evoked a feeling that allowed me to get into the mindset of the protagonist which is a tough thing to do.

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